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Zuyuan Tian, Haodong Li, Qian Wei, Wenqing Qin, Congren Yang, Effects of redox potential on chalcopyrite leaching: An overview, Minerals Engineering, Vol.172, 2021

Maoxin Hong, Xiaotao Huang, Xiaowen Gan, Guanzhou Qiu, Jun Wang, The use of pyrite to control redox potential to enhance chalcopyrite bioleaching in the presence of Leptospirillum ferriphilum, Minerals Engineering, Vol.172, 2021

Xing-fu Zheng, Zhen-yuan Nie, Qian Jiang, Xin Yao, Jian-hua Chen, Hong-chang Liu, Jin-lan Xia, The mechanism by which FeS2 promotes the bioleaching of CuFeS2: An electrochemical and DFT study, Minerals Engineering, Vol.173, 2021

Neha Sharma, Timothy C. Eisele, Anaerobic reductive bioleaching of manganese ores, Minerals Engineering, Vol.173, 2021

Hao Zhang, Dezhou Wei, Wengang Liu, Duanxu Hou, Ruiyang Zhang, Enhancement mechanism of polyoxyethylene nonyl phenyl ether on the bioleaching of chalcopyrite, Minerals Engineering, Vol.173, 2021

Shweta Singh, Saswati Chakraborty, Bioremediation of acid mine drainage in constructed wetlands: Aspect of vegetation (Typha latifolia), loading rate and metal recovery, Minerals Engineering, Vol.171, 2021

André R. Augustyn, Robert W.M. Pott, Margreth Tadie, The interactions of the biosurfactant surfactin in coal flotation, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Vol.627, 2021

Maxim Muravyov, Anna Panyushkina, Aleksandr Bulaev, Natalya Fomchenko, Biobeneficiation of bulk copper-zinc and copper-nickel concentrates at different temperatures, Minerals Engineering, Vol.170, 2021

Esmaeil Jorjani, Likely scenarios in the microbial leaching of gold from refractory and non-refractory ores, Minerals Engineering, Vol.170, 2021

D.K. Villa Gomez, A. Serrano, M. Peces, B. Ryan, H. Hofmann, G. Southam, A sequential bioreactor adaption strategy enhanced the precipitation of metals from tailings’ leachates, Minerals Engineering, Vol.170, 2021

Edy Sanwani, Siti Khodijah Chaerun, Halimatul Husni, Trimoko Pamungkas, Muhammad Abdur Rasyid, A biosurfactant-producing and iron-oxidizing mixotrophic bacterium as an environmentally friendly reagent for eco-green flotation of Indonesian complex Pb-Zn ores, Minerals Engineering, Vol.170, 2021

Sian M. La Vars, Jamie S. Quinton, Sarah L. Harmer, Surface characterisation of pyrite exposed to A. brierleyi, Minerals Engineering, Vol.168, 2021

D.M. Núñez-Ramírez, A. López-Martínez, L. Medina-Torres, F. Calderas, M.A. Martínez-Prado, R.H. Lara, E.E. Herrera-Valencia, G.A. Anguiano-Vega, O. Manero, Microencapsulation of Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans by spray drying using biopolymers as wall materials: A potential alternative for its application in the mining industry, Minerals Engineering, Vol.166, 2021

Bastien Jally, Baptiste Laubie, Zeinab Chour, Laurence Muhr, Rongliang Qiu, Jean Louis Morel, Yetao Tang, Marie-Odile Simonnot, A new method for recovering rare earth elements from the hyperaccumulating fern Dicranopteris linearis from China, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 166, 2021

Jingxiu Wang, Fariborz Faraji, Juliana Ramsay, Ahmad Ghahreman, A review of biocyanidation as a sustainable route for gold recovery from primary and secondary low-grade resources, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 296, 2021

Kamalpreet Kaur Brar, Sara Magdouli, Selma Etteieb, Mehdi Zolfaghari, Homayoun Fathollahzadeh, Laura Calugaru, Simon-Pierre Komtchou, Rayen Tanabene, Satinder Kaur Brar, Integrated bioleaching-electrometallurgy for copper recovery - A critical review, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 291, 2021

Adam J. Williamson, Karel Folens, Sandra Matthijs, Yensy Paz Cortes, Jeet Varia, Gijs Du Laing, Nico Boon, Tom Hennebel, Selective metal extraction by biologically produced siderophores during bioleaching from low-grade primary and secondary mineral resources, Minerals Engineering, Vol.163, 2021

Anicia Henne, Dave Craw, David Paterson, Gordon Southam, Textures and mineralogy of residual supergene copper silicates in oxidised overburden, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 163, 2021

Martijn Castelein, Florian Verbruggen, Lisa Van Renterghem, Jeroen Spooren, Lourdes Yurramendi, Gijs Du Laing, Nico Boon, Wim Soetaert, Tom Hennebel, Sophie Roelants, Adam J. Williamson, Bioleaching of metals from secondary materials using glycolipid biosurfactants, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 163, 2021

Ali Zahiri, Ali Ahmadi, Abdolrahim Foroutan, Mahdi Ghadiri, Improvement of zinc bioleaching from a zinc flotation concentrate using mechanical activation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 163, 2021



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