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Guney, A., Atak, S., Gurkan, V., Kangal, O., and Girgin, S., The novel techniques for the beneficiation of Camdag iron ore. Journal of Ore Dressing, Issue 3, 2000

S.K. Kanungo, S.K., Mishra and D. Biswal, Beneficiation of low-grade, high-phosphorus manganese ores of Andhra Pradesh, India, by wet high-intensity magnetic separation plus jigging or hydrocyclone classification. Minerals and Metallurgical Processing, Vol. 17 No. 4, November 2000.

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Young, M.I., and Klima, M.S., Evaluation of a hindered-settling column for size/density separations. Minerals and Metallurgical Processing,� 17 (3), August 2000

J.P. Srivastava, P.N. Pathak. Pre-concentration: a necessary step for upgrading tungsten ore. Int. J. Mineral Processing, Vol.60, no.1, 2000

Delfini, M., Manni, A., and Massacci, P., Gold recovery from jewellery waste. Minerals Engineering, Vol.13, no.6, June 2000

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Honaker, R. Q. Mondal, K. Dynamic Modeling of Fine Coal Separations in a Hindered-bed Classifier. Coal Preparation, Vol.21 no.2 (2000)

Cierpisz, S. Computer Simulation of the Control Systems for the Dense Medium Bath Coal Cleaning. Coal Preparation, Vol.21 no.2 (2000)

P.A.K. Andresen, R. Arntzen, J. Sjoblom. Stability of model emulsions and determination of droplet size distributions in a gravity separator with different inlet characteristics. Colloid and Surfaces, A: Physiochem. and Eng. Asp., Vol.170 no 1, 2000

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S Mathur. Advances in selective flocculation technology for solid-solid separations. Int. J. Mineral Processing, Vol.58, no.1-4, 2000




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