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Full papers of hyperlinked titles can be downloaded via ScienceDirect.



A.A. El-Midany, S.S. Ibrahim, Does calcite content affect its separation from celestite by Falcon concentrator?, Powder Technology, Vol. 213, No. 1-3, 2011

C. Raghu Kumar, S. Mohanan, S. Kumar Tripathy, Y. Ramamurthy, T. Venugopalan, N. Suresh, Prediction of process input interactions of Floatex Density Separator performance for separating medium density particles, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 100, No. 3-4, 2011

V. Batalovic, Centrifugal separator, the new technical solution, application in mineral processing, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 100, No. 3-4, 2011

L. Egmont Spelter, J. Schirner, H. Nirschl, A novel approach for determining the flow patterns in centrifuges by means of Laser-Doppler-Anemometry, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 66, No. 18, 2011

S.A. Macpherson, S.M. Iveson, K.P. Galvin, Density-based separation in a vibrated Reflux Classifier with an air-sand dense-medium: Tracer studies with simultaneous underflow and overflow removal, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 24, No. 10, 2011

G. Ofori-Sarpong, R.K. Amankwah, Comminution environment and gold particle morphology: Effects on gravity concentration, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 24, No. 6, 2011

S. Koppalkar, A. Bouajila, C. Gagnon, G. Noel, Understanding the discrepancy between prediction and plant GRG recovery for improving the gold gravity performance, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 24, No. 6, 2011

Y. Rama Murthy, Sunil Kumar Tripathy, C. Raghu Kumar, Chrome ore beneficiation challenges & opportunities - A review, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 24, No. 5, 2011

H.T.B.M. Petrus, T. Hirajima, Y. Oosako, M. Nonaka, K. Sasaki, T. Ando, Performance of dry-separation processes in the recovery of cenospheres from fly ash and their implementation in a recovery unit, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 98, No. 1-2, 2011

J. Oshitani, T. Kawahito, M. Yoshida, K. Gotoh, G.V. Franks, The influence of the density of a gas-solid fluidized bed on the dry dense medium separation of lump iron ore, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 24, No. 1, 2011

B. Wang, K.W. Chu, A.B. Yu, A. Vince, G.D. Barnett, P.J. Barnett, Computational study of the multiphase flow and performance of dense medium cyclones: Effect of body dimensions, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 24, No. 1, 2011



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