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Full papers of hyperlinked titles can be downloaded via ScienceDirect.



Matthieu Constant, Nathan Coppin, Fr�d�ric Dubois, Riccardo Artoni, Jonathan Lambrechts, Vincent Legat, Numerical investigation of the density sorting of grains using water jigging, Powder Technology, Vol.393, 2021

Bidarahalli Venkoba Rao, An improved stochastic model to describe partition surfaces of entire segregated batch jig bed, Minerals Engineering, Vol.170, 2021

L.C. Woollacott, A. Tripathy, H. Potgieter, The effect of operating conditions on density stratification in a batch jig I: The influence on the equilibrium stratification profile, Minerals Engineering, Vol.170, 2021

Mayank Kumar, Narasimha Mangadoddy, R. Banerjee, Gaekwad E. Sreedhar, Shiv Kumar Raparla, Rajan Kumar, Hydrodynamic force analysis of magnetite medium inside dense medium cyclone using multiphase GPU parallelized ASM model, Minerals Engineering, Vol.170, 2021

Theerayut Phengsaart, Mayumi Ito, Shoko Kimura, Arisa Azuma, Kunihiro Hori, Hideaki Tanno, Sanghee Jeon, Ilhwan Park, Carlito Baltazar Tabelin, Naoki Hiroyoshi, Development of a restraining wall and screw-extractor discharge system for continuous jig separation of mixed plastics, Minerals Engineering, Vol.168, 2021

Tonmoy Kundu, Surya Kanta Das, Sunil Kumar Tripathy, Shivakumar I. Angadi, Performance evaluation of the VSK separator for treating mineral fines, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 167, 2021

L.C. Woollacott, A.K. Tripathy, J.H. Potgieter, The effect of operating conditions on density stratification in a batch jig II: The influence on stratification kinetics, Minerals Engineering, Vol.164, 2021

Mohammad Reza Bilesan, Irina Makarova, Bj�rn Wickman, Eveliina Repo, Efficient separation of precious metals from computer waste printed circuit boards by hydrocyclone and dilution-gravity methods, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 286, 2021



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