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Wednesday 16th November

Technical Session 1- Chemical and Biological Processing

The Activox� demonstration plant at Tati and the future of nickel production in Botswana
A. Swarts, J. Brits (Tati Nickel Mining Company, Botswana), C.M. Palmer and G.D. Johnson (Western Minerals Technology Pty Ltd, Australia)

Direct solvent extraction of nickel at Bulong Operations
S. Donegan (LionOre International, Botswana)

Bioleaching of a complex nickel concentrate
L.R.G. Santos et al (Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Brazil) and A.D. Souza (Votorantim Metais, Brazil)

Submerged arc furnace for ferro alloy production: technological leadership with advanced solutions
R. Degel and T. Schreiter (SMS Demag AG, Germany)

The recovery of nickel using mixed hydroxide precipitation and LIX� 84-I solvent extraction
J.M.W. Mackenzie (Consultant, Australia), M.J. Virnig (Cognis Corporation, USA) and A. Feather (Cognis Corporation, South Africa)

Leaching of low grade limonite and nontronite ores by fungi metabolic acids
J.A. Tang and M. Valix (University of Sydney, Australia)

Studies concerning nickel electrowinning from acidic and alkaline electrolytes
M. Pasquali and C. Lupi (University of Rome �La Sapienza�, Italy)

Bioleaching nickel laterite ores using multi-metal tolerant aspergillus foetidus organism
J. Tang, L. Le and M. Valix (University of Sydney, Australia)

Effect of saline stress on fungi metabolism and biological leaching of weathered saprolite ores
J. Tang, V. Thangavelu, and M. Valix (University of Sydney, Australia)

The effect of pH on the recovery of nickel and cobalt organic acid complexes using chelating resins
J.A. Tang, A. Deepatana, and M. Valix (University of Sydney, Australia)

Thursday 17th November

Technical Session 2- Laterites

Nickel do Vermelho project: a successful integration of geology, mining, process, and environment
V. Torres (CVRD, Brazil)

Nickel laterites seen through new eyes: how automated mineralogy can add value to your bottom line
A.R Butcher and T.A Yates (Intellection Pty Ltd, Australia)

The importance of understanding feed rheology in nickel laterite processing
F. Sofra (Rheological Consulting Services Pty Ltd, Australia)

Long distance hydrotransport systems for nickel laterite
D. Hallbom (Pipeline System, Inc., Canada), J. Norwood, Y.G. Che and R. Gandhi (Pipeline System, Inc., USA)

Technical Session 3 - Physical Processing

Statistical benchmark surveying of production concentrators
N.O. Lotter (Falconbridge Technology Centre, Canada) and A.R. Laplante (McGill University, Canada)

Using simulation to understand metal and mineral flotation performance at one of Falconbridge�s base metal operations
M.P. Hay (Eurus Mineral Consultants, South Africa), D. Fragomeni and T. DiFeo (Noranda Inc./Falconbridge Ltd, Canada)

Flotation cell selection for maximum metallurgical benefit (or : picking the right cell for the right job)
L. MacNamara and F. Traczyk (Dorr-Oliver Eimco, UK)

The role of the reagent suite in optimising pentlandite recoveries from the Merensky Reef
J. Wiese, P. Harris, D. Bradshaw (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Depressant selection and the effect of pH on nickel recovery, concentrates grade, MgO in concentrates and depressant consumption
C. Mutevhe (Trojan Nickel Mine, Zimbabwe)

Evaluation of nickel matte converting with river sand at Bindura Smelter and Refinery
M. Toga et al (University of Zimbabwe) and M. Shamu (Bindura Nickel, Zimbabwe)



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