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Thursday May 3rd

Keynote Address: Pyrometallurgy for profitable ore treatment
P. Gray (Zinc Metallurgy Ltd, UK)

Phosphide capacities of ferromanganese smelting slags
B. Maramba and R.H. Eric (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)

Carbochlorination roasting of refractory metals bearing tin slags
E.A. Brocchi, D.W. Macedo, F.J. Moura and P.K. Jena (Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Solid state decarburisation of high carbon ferrochromium
C.S.Kucukkaragoz and R.H. Eric (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)

The study of sunflower seed husks as a fuel in the iron ore sintering process
Tze Chean Ooi, B.C.R. Ewan, D. Thompson (University of Sheffield, UK), D.R. Anderson, T. Fray (Corus Research Development & Technology, UK) and D. Tognarelli (Corus Research Development & Technology, The Netherlands)

Optimum temperature for brine encapsulation in coal mineral matter
N.A.C. Basson and R.H. Matjie (Sasol Technology Research & Development, South Africa)

Volatilisation of inorganic species during coal pyrolysis
S.J. Mangena and R.H. Matjie (Sasol Technology Research & Development, South Africa)

Mineralogical attributes of selected GA 9 coarse ash screened size fractions and density float fraction
R.H. Matjie (Sasol Technology, South Africa), and C. Van Alphen (Van Alphen Consultancy, South Africa)

Aluminothermic reduction of titanium ore that previously has been smelted in furnace
V.M. Sokolov, V.D. Babyuk, Y.A. Zhydkov and Y.Y. Skok (National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine)


Friday May 4th

Reconciliation of mass and energy balances for pyrometallurgical processes
C. Bazin (Laval University, Canada)

A heat transfer model for continuous process rotary melting furnace
Yanjun Zhang, P.V. Barr, and T.R. Meadowcroft (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Study of dispersion phenomena in Creusot Loire Uddeholm Reactor
K. Kabezya and R.H. Eric (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)

Nickel metal pore structures formed during the reduction of nickel oxide in H2-N2 and H2-H2O atmospheres
T. Hidayat, M.A. Rhamdhani, E. Jak and P.C. Hayes (PYROSEARCH, Australia)

Preparation of nano-structured Ni-Co alloy through a new pyrometallurgical route
E.A. Brocchi, D.W. Macedo and M.C. Medeiros (PUC-Rio, Brazil)

Fire assay as a �novel� process for noble metals recovery from waste electrical and electronic equipment
M. Ferrini, P. Massacci (University of Rome �La Sapienza�, Italy) and A. Manni (Inter Universitary Consortium of Georesources Engineering, Italy)



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