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KS Wang, TF Yen. Dissolution of the Barite (001) surface by the Chelating Agent DTPA as studied with non-contact atomic force microscopy. Colloid and Surfaces, A: Physiochem. and Eng. Asp., Vol.160 no 3, Dec.1999

W Zwierzykowski. The interactions of saturated fatty acids at the dodecane/water interface and their sodium salts at the air/water interface. Colloid and Surfaces, A: Physiochem. and Eng. Asp., Vol.160 no 3, Dec.1999

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N Shehu, E Spaziani. Separation of feldspar from quartz using EDTA as modifier. Minerals Engineering, Vol.12, no.11, Oct.1999

T. Sreenivas and C. Manohar. Investigations on the Collector Reagent Development for the Recovery of Cassiterite from the Gravity Tails of a Low Grade Indian Tin Ore. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review, Vol.19 no.5-6, 1999

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AN Mainza, S Simukanga, LK Witika, Evaluating the performance of new collectors on feed to nkana concentrator's flotation circuitMinerals Engineering, Vol. 12 No.5, May 1999

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P.K. Ackerman, G.H. Harris, R.R. Klimpel and F.F. Aplan. Use of chelating agents as collectors in the flotation of copper sulfides and pyrite. Minerals and Metallurgical Processing, Vol. 16 No.1, Feb. 1999



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