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Sina Shakibania, Alireza Mahmoudi, Mohammad Mokmeli, Fereshteh Rashchi, The effect of the chloride ion on chemical degradation of LIX 984N extractant, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 159, 2020

Yanbai Shen, Pengfei Zhou, Sikai Zhao, Ang Li, Yunshuang Chen, Jinzhou Bai, Cong Han, Dezhou Wei, Yuxin Ao, Synthesis of high-efficient TiO2/clinoptilolite photocatalyst for complete degradation of xanthate, Minerals Engineering, Volume 159, 2020

Cui Weiyong, Chen Jianhua, Li Yuqiong, Chen Ye, Zhao Cuihua, Interactions of xanthate molecule with different mineral surfaces: A comparative study of Fe, Pb and Zn sulfide and oxide minerals with coordination chemistry, Minerals Engineering, Volume 159, 2020

Xinyang Yu, Ruirui Zhang, Siyuan Yang, Cheng Liu, Guichun He, Haolin Wang, Jingliang Wang, A novel decanedioic hydroxamic acid collector for the flotation separation of bastnäsite from calcite, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 151, 2020

Bingqiao Yang, Hai Yan, Mengyuan Zeng, Pengliang Huang, Feifei Jia, Aiping Teng, A novel copper depressant for selective flotation of chalcopyrite and molybdenite, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 151, 2020

Stephen Kayombo Solongo, Allan Gomez-Flores, Junhyuk You, Sowon Choi, Graeme W. Heyes, Sadia Ilyas, Jangchoon Lee, Hyunjung Kim, Cationic collector conformations on an oxide mineral interface: Roles of pH, ionic strength, and ion valence, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 150, 2020

Wenjie Zou, Lu Gong, Mingfei Pan, Zhijun Zhang, Chunbao Sun, Hongbo Zeng, Effect of salinity on adsorption and interaction forces of hydrophobically modified polyacrylamide on silica and alumina surfaces, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 150, 2020

Yanfei Chen, Guofan Zhang, Qing Shi, Siyuan Yang, Dezhi Liu, Utilization of tetrasodium iminodisuccinate to eliminate the adverse effect of serpentine on the flotation of pyrite, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 150, 2020

Qiu Xuemin, Yang Hongying, Chen Guobao, Zhong Shuiping, Cai Chuangkai, Lan Bibo, Inhibited mechanism of carboxymethyl cellulose as a galena depressant in chalcopyrite and galena separation flotation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 150, 2020

Changtao Wang, Runqing Liu, Sultan Ahmed Khoso, Hongyu Lu, Wei Sun, Zhangyuan Ni, Fei Lyu, Combined inhibitory effect of calcium hypochlorite and dextrin on flotation behavior of pyrite and galena sulphides, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 150, 2020

Astrid M. Knoblauch, Andrea Farnham, Joël Ouoba, Jessica Zanetti, Stefanie Müller, Vreni Jean-Richard, Jürg Utzinger, Bernhard Wehrli, Fritz Brugger, Serge Diagbouga, Mirko S. Winkler, Potential health effects of cyanide use in artisanal and small-scale gold mining in Burkina Faso, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 252, 2020

Jing Qi, Hongli Fan, Guangyi Liu, ß-Amino-hydroxamate surfactants: Preparation, and adsorption mechanism in bastnaesite flotation, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 240, 2020

Guang Han, Shuming Wen, Han Wang, Qicheng Feng, Selective adsorption mechanism of salicylic acid on pyrite surfaces and its application in flotation separation of chalcopyrite from pyrite, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 240, 2020

Peipei Wang, Francisco Reyes, Jan J. Cilliers, Pablo R. Brito-Parada, Evaluation of collector performance at the bubble-particle scale, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 147, 2020

Weiping Liu, Zuoxing Wang, Xuming Wang, Jan D. Miller, Smithsonite flotation with lauryl phosphate, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 147, 2020

Yuqiong Li, Yingchao Liu, Jianhua Chen, Cuihua Zhao, Structure-activity of chelating collectors for flotation: A DFT study, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 146, 2020

Jianjun Wang, Wenheng Li, Zihan Zhou, Zhiyong Gao, Yuehua Hu, Wei Sun, 1-Hydroxyethylidene-1,1-diphosphonic acid used as pH-dependent switch to depress and activate fluorite flotation I: Depressing behavior and mechanism, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 214, 2020

Zesen Zhao, Li Cui, Yanxia Guo, Huiquan Li, Fangqin Cheng, Recovery of gallium from sulfuric acid leach liquor of coal fly ash by stepwise separation using P507 and Cyanex 272, Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol. 381, 2019

Jakub Matusiak, Elzbieta Grzadka, Cationic starch as the effective flocculant of silica in the presence of different surfactants, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 234, 2019

Masahiko Matsumiya, Yueqi Song, Yusuke Tsuchida, Yuji Sasaki, Separation of palladium by solvent extraction with methylamino-bis-N,N-dioctylacetamide and direct electrodeposition from loaded organic phase, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 234, 2019

Hongmin Cui, Xuejiao Feng, Jinsong Shi, Wengang Liu, Nanfu Yan, Guohua Rao, Wei Wang, A facile process for enhanced rare earth elements separation from dilute solutions using N, N-di(2-ethylhexyl)-diglycolamide grafted polymer resin, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 234, 2019



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