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Naik, S., and van Drunick, W., Anglo research (AR) experience with integrated comminution and flotation plant modelling. J. Southern African IMM, Vol. 107, No. 10, 2007

E. Jorjani, S. Chehreh Chelgani and Sh. Mesroghli, Prediction of microbial desulfurization of coal using artificial neural networks, Minerals Engineering, Vol.20 No.14, 2007

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P. Stevenson and K.P. Galvin, On empiricism in minerals processing research, Minerals Engineering, Vol.20 No.8, 2007

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S. Murphy, R. Delfos, M.J.B.M. Pourquie, Z. Olujic, P.J. Jansens and F.T.M. Nieuwstadt, Prediction of strongly swirling flow within an axial hydrocyclone using two commercial CFD codes, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.62 No.6, 2007

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J. Labidi, M.A. Pelach, X. Turon and P. Mutje, Predicting flotation efficiency using neural networks, Chemical Engineering and Processing, Vol.46 No.4, 2007

K. Udaya Bhaskar, Y. Rama Murthy, M. Ravi Raju, Sumit Tiwari, J.K. Srivastava and N. Ramakrishnan, CFD simulation and experimental validation studies on hydrocyclone, Minerals Engineering, Vol.20 No.1, 2007



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