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Fabio Fulchini, Mojtaba Ghadiri, Antonia Borissova, Benjamin Amblard, Stephane Bertholin, Ann Cloupet, Mahdi Yazdanpanah, Development of a methodology for predicting particle attrition in a cyclone by CFD-DEM, Powder Technology, Vol. 357, 2019

M. Philip Schwarz, Tao Song, Tianhao Yang, Junwu Zhou, Qingkai Wang, Reconciliation of empirical correlations and CFD results for hydrocyclone performance for application in process modelling, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 144, 2019

M.P. Schwarz, P.T.L. Koh, J. Wu, B. Nguyen, Y. Zhu, Modelling and measurement of multi-phase hydrodynamics in the Outotec flotation cell, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 144, 2019

Boyang Li, Kerianne M. Dobosz, Haitao Zhang, Jessica D. Schiffman, Kostas Saranteas, Michael A. Henson, Predicting the performance of pressure filtration processes by coupling computational fluid dynamics and discrete element methods, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 208, 2019

Shuofu Li, M. Philip Schwarz, Yuqing Feng, Peter Witt, Chunbao Sun, A CFD study of particle–bubble collision efficiency in froth flotation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 141, 2019

J.P. Rodrigues, J.N.M. Batista, R. Béttega, Application of population balance equations and interaction models in CFD simulation of the bubble distribution in dissolved air flotation, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Vol. 577, 2019

Franco Perazzo, Rainald Löhner, Fernando Labbe, Frederik Knop, Patricio Mascaró, Numerical modeling of the pattern and wear rate on a structural steel plate using DEM, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 137, 2019

C.B. Ndimande, P.W. Cleary, A.N. Mainza, M.D. Sinnott, Using two-way coupled DEM-SPH to model an industrial scale Stirred Media Detritor, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 137, 2019

Manu Suvarna, Mohanraj Divakaran, Experience I. Nduagu, Process modelling and simulation of bitumen mining and recovery from oil sands, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 134, 2019

Lei Xu, Kun Luo, Yongzhi Zhao, Jianren Fan, Kefa Cen, Influence of particle shape on liner wear in tumbling mills: A DEM study, Powder Technology, Vol. 350, 2019

Lanyue Jiang, Peikun Liu, Yuekan Zhang, Xinghua Yang, Hui Wang, Xiahui Gui, Design boundary layer structure for improving the particle separation performance of a hydrocyclone, Powder Technology, Vol. 350, 2019

Y. Fu, C. Aldrich, Flotation froth image recognition with convolutional neural networks, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 132, 2019

J.T. McCoy, L. Auret, Machine learning applications in minerals processing: A review, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 132, 2019

Q. Dehaine, Y. Foucaud, J-S. Kroll-Rabotin, L.O. Filippov, Experimental investigation into the kinetics of Falcon UF concentration: Implications for fluid dynamic-based modelling, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 215, 2019

Vikash Kumar, Kailash Jha, Multi-objective shape optimization of vortex finders in cyclone separators using response surface methodology and genetic algorithms, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 215, 2019

Asmaa Hadane, Lhachmi Khamar, Saad Benjelloun, Abderrahman Nounah, Hydrodynamic study of a phosphate flotation cell by CFD approach, Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification, Vol. 135, 2019



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