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Zhu, H., et al, Research on mechanism of enhanced desulfurizing flotation of high sulfur coal with electrolytic reduction. Coal Preparation, Vol.23 No.5-6, 2003

M. Kanungo, K.G. Mishra, S.C. Das, Study on morphology of copper deposited onto aluminium by immersion plating from an oxalate bath containing perchloric acid. Minerals Engineering, Vol.16 No.12, 2003

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Chen, T. T. Dutrizac, J. E., A Mineralogical Study of the Effect of the Lead Content of Copper Anodes on the Dissolution of Arsenic, Antimony and Bismuth During Copper Electrorefining. Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, Vol.42 No.4, 2003

Chrenkova, M. Danek, V. Silny, A. Stas, M. Koniar, M., Solubility of Al~4C~3 in Cryolite Melts. Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, Vol.42 No.4, 2003

Esser, K., Sustainable Process Optimization in Aluminium Electrolysis Erzmetall, Vol.56 No.6/7, 2003

Moats, M. Hardee, K. Brown, C., Mesh-on-Lead Anodes for Copper Electrowinning. JOM, Vol.55 No.7, 2003

Alfantazi, A. M. Moskalyk, R. R., Conductive Polymer Coatings for Anodes in Aqueous Electrowinning. JOM, Vol.55 No.7, 2003

F. Fourcade, T. Tzedakis, A. Bergel. Electrochemical process for metal recovery from iodized silver derivatives in liquid/solid mixture: Experimental and theoretical approaches. Chemical Engineering Science, vol.58 no.15, 2003

Bui, R. T. Charette, A. Fafard, M. Paray, F. Soucy, G. Ajersch, F. Masounave, J. Chiesa, F., A Networked Research Program for Aluminum Production and Transformation. JOM, Vol. 55 Number 5 (2003)

El-Raghy, S. Bassiony, Z., Cairo University and EgyptAlum: 20 Years of Cooperation in Aluminum Reduction. JOM, Vol. 55 Number 5 (2003)

J.L. Sigley, P.C. Johnson, S.P. Beaudoin. Use of nonionic surfactant to reduce sulfuric acid mist in the copper electrowinning process. Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 70 No.1-3, 2003

C. Kargl-Simard, J.H. Huang, A.M. Alfantazi. Electrical conductivity and density of CoSO4/H2SO4 solutions in the range of modern cobalt electrowinning electrolytes. Minerals Engineering, Vol.16, no.6, 2003

C. Lupi, M. Pasquali. Electrolytic nickel recovery from lithium-ion batteries. Minerals Engineering, Vol.16, no.6, 2003

S. Gurmen, M. Emre. A laboratory-scale investigation of alkaline zinc electrowinning. Minerals Engineering, Vol.16, no.6, 2003

Wang, S. Ojebuoboh, F. King, M. G., The Fluoborate Treatment of Sludge from the Electrolytic Refining of Granulated Lead. JOM, Vol. 55 No.4, 2003

Ludvigsson, B. M. Larsson, S. R., Anode Slimes Treatment: The Boliden Experience. JOM, Vol. 55 No.4, 2003

Ojebuoboh, F. Wang, S. Maccagni, M., Refining Primary Lead by Granulation-Leaching-Electrowinning. JOM, Vol. 55 No.4, 2003

F. Veglio, R. Quaresima, P. Fornari, S. Ubaldini. Recovery of valuable metals from electronic and galvanic industrial wastes by leaching and electrowinning. Waste Management, vol.23 no.3, 2003

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A.M. Alfantazi, D.B. Dreisinger. An investigation on the effects of orthophenylene diamine and sodium lignin sulfonate on zinc electrowinning from industrial electrolyte. Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 69 No.1-3, 2003

B.C. Tripathy, S.C. Das, V.N. Misra. Effect of antimony(III) on the electrocrystallisation of zinc from sulphate solutions containing SLS. Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 69 No.1-3, 2003

A.M. Alfantazi, D.B. Dreisinger. Foaming behavior of surfactants for acid mist control in zinc electrolysis processes. Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 69 No.1-3, 2003

X. Wang, Q. Chen, Z. Yin, P. Zhang, Z. Long, Z. Su. Removal of impurities from copper electrolyte with adsorbent containing antimony. Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 69 No.1-3, 2003




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