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Xiaocong Zhong, Fanghui Chen, Huaping Nie, Ruixiang Wang, Zhifeng Xu, Reducing the energy consumption and cell sludge of the zinc electrowinning process by using a pyramid-shaped 3D-Pb anode, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 190, 2019

Aida Zaabar, Razika Aitout, Damia Amoura, Radouane Maizia, Laïd Makhloufi, Boualem Saidani, Effect of nettle plant extract on the overconsumption diminution of zinc as sacrificial metal during cementation of copper, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 142, 2019

Ewa Rudnik, Recovery of zinc from zinc ash by leaching in sulphuric acid and electrowinning, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 188, 2019

Yonglu Zhang, Chengyan Wang, Baozhong Ma, Xiaowu Jie, Peng Xing, Extracting antimony from high arsenic and gold-containing stibnite ore using slurry electrolysis, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 186, 2019

Taina Kalliomäki, Benjamin P. Wilson, Jari Aromaa, Mari Lundström, Diffusion coefficient of cupric ion in a copper electrorefining electrolyte containing nickel and arsenic, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 134, 2019

Mahjabin Najminoori, Ali Mohebbi, Kambiz Afrooz, Babak Ghadami Arabi, The effect of magnetic field and operating parameters on cathodic copper winning in electrowinning process, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 199, 2019

Feifan Li, Mengjun Chen, Jianchen Shu, Mehran Shirvani, Yungui Li, Zhi Sun, Shuhui Sun, ZhongHui Xu, Kaibin Fu, Shu Chen, Copper and gold recovery from CPU sockets by one-step slurry electrolysis, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 213, 2019

Maryam Karbasi, Eskandar Keshavarz Alamdari, Elaheh Amirkhani Dehkordi, Electrochemical performance of PbCo composite anode during Zinc electrowinning, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 183, 2019



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