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S. Varvara, L. Muresan, I.C. Popescu, G. Maurin, Copper electrodeposition from sulfate electrolytes in the presence of hydroxyethylated 2-butyne-1, 4-diol. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.75 No.1-4, 2004

M. Spitzer, R. Bertazzoli, Selective electrochemical recovery of gold and silver from cyanide aqueous effluents using titanium and vitreous carbon cathodes. . Hydrometallurgy, Vol.74 No.3-4, 2004

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G.W Reade, A.H Nahle, P. Bond, J.M Friedrich and F.C Walsh, Removal of cupric ions from acidic sulfate solution using reticulated vitreous carbon rotating cylinder electrodes. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, Vol.79 No.9, 2004

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Filzwieser, I. Antrekowitsch, H. Filzwieser, A., Potential Measurements in a High Current Winning Electrolysis. Erzmetall, Vol.57 No.2, 2004

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J. Nasi, Statistical analysis of cobalt removal from zinc electrolyte using the arsenic-activated process. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.73 No.1-2, 2004

C.Y. Cheng, M.D. Urbani, P. Miovski, D. Kittelty, A.F. Otero, R.M. San Martin, Evaluation of saponins as acid mist suppressants in zinc electrowinning. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.73 No.1-2, 2004

P.A. Adcock, S.B. Adeloju, L.J. Power, O.M.G. Newman, Validation of a vertical channel flow cell for scalable electrowinning studies. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.72 No.3-4, 2004

A. Hrussanova, L. Mirkova, Ts. Dobrev, S. Vasilev, Influence of temperature and current density on oxygen overpotential and corrosion rate of Pb-Co3O4, Pb-Ca-Sn, and Pb-Sb anodes for copper electrowinning: Part I. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.72 No.3-4, 2004

A. Hrussanova, L. Mirkova, Ts. Dobrev, Influence of additives on the corrosion rate and oxygen overpotential of Pb-Co3O4, Pb-Ca-Sn and Pb-Sb anodes for copper electrowinning - Part II. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.72 No.3-4, 2004

Los, P. Plinska, S. Gladysz, O., Automatic electrolyte composition determination in electrorefining of copper. Erzmetall, Vol.57 No.1, 2004

B. Panda, S.C. Das, R.K. Panda, Synergistic effects of added bivalent aqua cobalt ion, bivalent aqua iron ion and aqueous sulfurous acid on a graphite anode during electrodeposition of copper from a sulfate bath. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.72 No.1-2, 2004

I. Ivanov, Increased current efficiency of zinc electrowinning in the presence of metal impurities by addition of organic inhibitors. Hydrometallurgy, Vol.72 No.1-2, 2004




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