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L. Liu, M. Wang, Z. Wang, Y. Zhang, Corrosion behavior of 316L stainless steel anode in alkaline sulfide solutions and the consequent influence on Ga electrowinning, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 157, 2015

N. Sorour, W. Zhang, G. Gabra, E. Ghali, G. Houlachi, Electrochemical studies of ionic liquid additives during the zinc electrowinning process, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 157, 2015

Z. Cao, M. Wang, H. Zhong, Z. Qiu, P. Qiu, Y. Yue, G. Liu, S. Wang, Electro-oxidation of sphalerite in weak alkaline sodium chloride solution, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 157, 2015

A. Owais, M.A.H. Gepreel, E. Ahmed, Production of electrolytic zinc powder from zinc anode casing of spent dry cell batteries, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 157, 2015

J. Carrillo-Abad, M. Garcia-Gabaldon, I. Ortiz-Gandara, E. Bringas, A.M. Urtiaga, I. Ortiz, V. Perez-Herranz, Selective recovery of zinc from spent pickling baths by the combination of membrane-based solvent extraction and electrowinning technologies, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 151, 2015

W. Zeng, J. Werner, M.L. Free, Experimental studies on impurity particle behavior in electrolyte and the associated distribution on the cathode in the process of copper electrorefining, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 156, 2015

A.D. Bas, L. Gavril, W. Zhang, E. Ghali, Y. Choi, Electrochemical dissolution of roasted gold ore in cyanide solutions, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 156, 2015

Y. Chu, M. Chen, S. Chen, B. Wang, K. Fu, H. Chen, Micro-copper powders recovered from waste printed circuit boards by electrolysis, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 156, 2015

R. Jaimes, M. Miranda-Hernández, L. Lartundo-Rojas, I. González, Characterization of anodic deposits formed on Pb–Ag electrodes during electrolysis in mimic zinc electrowinning solutions with different concentrations of Mn(II), Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 156, 2015

B. Krause, R.F. Sandenbergh, Optimization of cobalt removal from an aqueous sulfate zinc leach solution for zinc electrowinning, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 155, 2015

E. Habibzadeh Moradi, K. Jafarzadeh, S. Borji, H. Abbaszadeh, Pulse electrodeposition as a new approach in electrowinning of high purity cobalt from WC–Co scraps. Part I: The effect of frequency and duty cycle, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 77, 2015

M. Mohammadi, A. Alfantazi, The performance of Pb–MnO2 and Pb–Ag anodes in 2 Mn(II)-containing sulphuric acid electrolyte solutions, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 153, 2015

M. Najminoori, A. Mohebbi, B.G. Arabi, S. Daneshpajouh, CFD simulation of an industrial copper electrowinning cell, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 153, 2015

M. Mokmeli, D. Dreisinger, B. Wassink, Modeling of selenium and tellurium removal from copper electrowinning solution, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 153, 2015

D. Majuste, E.L.C. Martins, A.D. Souza, M.J. Nicol, V.S.T. Ciminelli, Role of organic reagents and impurity in zinc electrowinning, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 152, 2015

A. Owais, M. Abdel Hady Gepreel, E. Ahmed, Effect of thermal treatment of copper anodes on electrorefining process, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 152, 2015



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