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M. Ziemski and P.N Holtham, Particle bed charge decay behaviour under high tension roll separation , Minerals Engineering, Vol.18 No.15, 2005

G. Dodbiba, J. Sadaki, K. Okaya, A. Shibayama and T. Fujita, The use of air tabling and triboelectric separation for separating a mixture of three plastics , Minerals Engineering, Vol.18 No.15, 2005

M. Lungu, Separation of small nonferrous particles using an angular rotary drum eddy-current separator with permanent magnets, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol.78 No.1, 2005

V. Zezulka, P. Straka, P. Mucha, The permanent NdFeB magnets in the circuits for magnetic filters and the first technological tests, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol.78 No.1, 2005

Yang, X., and Aldrich, C., Rheology of aqueous magnetite suspensions in uniform magnetic fields, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol.77 No.2, 2005

Franko, J., and Klima, M.S., Wet-drum magnetic separation of dense-medium slurries containing fine coal refuse, Coal Preparation, Vol.25 No.3, 2005

I. Znamenackova, M. Lovas, A. Mockovciakova, S. Jakabsky, J. Briancin, Modification of magnetic properties of siderite ore by microwave energy., Separation and Purification Technology, Vol.43 No.2, 2005

V. Murariu, J. Svoboda, P. Sergeant, The modelling of the separation process in a ferrohydrostatic separator, Minerals Engineering, Vol.18 No.4, 2005

H.M. Veit, T.R. Diehl, A.P. Salami, J.S. Rodrigues, A.M. Bernardes, J.A.S. Tenorio, Utilization of magnetic and electrostatic separation in the recycling of printed circuit boards scrap, Waste Management, Vol.25 No.1, 2005

Kohaupt, U., Filtration of fine particles by high gradient magnetic filtration., Filtration, Vol.5 No.1, 2005

W.J. Bruckard, K.J. Davey, T. Rodopoulos, J.T. Woodcock, J. Italiano, Water leaching and magnetic separation for decreasing the chloride level and upgrading the zinc content of EAF steelmaking baghouse dusts, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol.75 No.1-2, 2005



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