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C.K. Prasad Vallabh, J.D. Stephens, G. Kmiecik-Lawrynowicz, S. Badesha, M. Sweeney, C. Cetinkaya, Predicting electrostatic charge on single microparticles, Powder Technology, Vol. 286, 2015

X. Li, X. Huang, T. Qi, Q. Zhou, Y. Wang, Z. Peng, G. Liu, Preliminary results on selective surface magnetization and separation of alumina-/silica-bearing minerals, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 81, 2015

H. Han, W. Sun, Y. Hu, H. Tang, T. Yue, Magnetic separation of iron precipitate from nickel sulfate solution by magnetic seeding, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 156, 2015

X. Zheng, Y. Wang, D. Lu, A realistic description of influence of the magnetic field strength on high gradient magnetic separation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 79, 2015

J. Ku, H. Chen, K. He, Q. Yan, Simulation and observation of magnetic mineral particles aggregating into chains in a uniform magnetic field, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 79, 2015

S.P. Veetil, G. Mercier, J. Blais, E. Cecchi, S. Kentish, Magnetic separation of serpentinite mining residue as a precursor to mineral carbonation, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 140, 2015

L. Chen, J. Zeng, C. Guan, H. Zhang, R. Yang, High gradient magnetic separation in centrifugal field, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 78, 2015

X. Zheng, Y. Wang, D. Lu, Study on capture radius and efficiency of fine weakly magnetic minerals in high gradient magnetic field, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 74, 2015

S. Chehreh Chelgani, T. Leißner, M. Rudolph, U.A. Peuker, Study of the relationship between zinnwaldite chemical composition and magnetic susceptibility, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 72, 2015

P. Fan, M. Fan, A. Liu, Using an axial electromagnetic field to improve the separation density of a dense medium cyclone, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 72, 2015

Y. Li, B. Zhou, F. Xu, H. Jiang, W. Zhang, The advantages of a superconducting magnetic intensity greater than 1T for phosphate–ferric flocs separation in HGMS, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 141, 2015

S. Zeng, W. Zeng, L. Ren, D. An, H. Li, Development of a high gradient permanent magnetic separator (HGPMS), Minerals Engineering, Vol. 71, 2015

S. Singh, H. Sahoo, S.S. Rath, A.K. Sahu, B. Das, Recovery of iron minerals from Indian iron ore slimes using colloidal magnetic coating, Powder Technology, Vol. 269, 2015



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