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Wenbo Li, Libo Zhou, Yuexin Han, Ruiqing Xu, Numerical simulation and experimental verification for magnetic field analysis of thread magnetic matrix in high gradient magnetic separation, Powder Technology, Vol. 355, 2019

Flávio P. André, Hayla Miceli, Luanna C. Moura, Reiner Neumann, Luís Marcelo Tavares, Upgrading a manufactured fine aggregate for use in concrete using dry rare-earth magnetic separation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 143, 2019

Pavel Straka, Václav Žežulka, Linear structures of Nd-Fe-B magnets: Simulation, design and implementation in mineral processing – A review, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 143, 2019

Bong-Ju Kim, Kang Hee Cho, Bongsu Chang, Hyun-Soo Kim, Sang-Gil Lee, Cheon-Young Park, Soonjae Lee, Nag-Choul Choi, Sequential microwave roasting and magnetic separation for removal of Fe and Ti impurities in low-grade pyrophyllite ore from Wando mine, South Korea, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 140, 2019

Yinfei Liao, Zilong Ma, Yijun Cao, Improving reverse flotation of magnetite ore using pulse magnetic field, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 138, 2019

Cheng-an Zhang, Zhang-lei Zhu, Guo-yuan Gao, Pan-pan Fan, Min-qiang Fan, Effect of coaxial electromagnetic field on separation density of dense-medium cyclone, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 138, 2019

Feiwang Wang, Huixin Dai, Yuchen Lv, Lei Zhang, Dynamic capture behavior of ferromagnetic particles based on fully coupled multiphysics model of particle-fluid interactions, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 138, 2019

Feng Xue, Boyang Wang, Minmin Chen, Chenhao Yi, Shengui Ju, Weihong Xing, Fe3O4-doped lithium ion-sieves for lithium adsorption and magnetic separation, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 228, 2019

M. Gogoi, P. Boruah, P. Sengupta, L. Saikia, Separation of ultrafine chalcogenide particles using Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles and ligands with metal selectivity, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 137, 2019

Nebeal Faris, Rahul Ram, James Tardio, Suresh Bhargava, Mark I. Pownceby, Experimental study into the beneficiation of a ferruginous rare earth bearing lateritic ore by magnetising roasting and magnetic separation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 137, 2019

Xiayu Zheng, Zixing Xue, Yuhua Wang, Guangli Zhu, Dongfang Lu, Xudong Li, Modeling of particle capture in high gradient magnetic separation: A review, Powder Technology, Vol. 352, 2019

George Blankson Abaka-Wood, Massimiliano Zanin, Jonas Addai-Mensah, William Skinner, Recovery of rare earth elements minerals from iron oxide–silicate rich tailings – Part 1: Magnetic separation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 136, 2019

Xu Bai, Shuming Wen, Qicheng Feng, Jian Liu, Yilin Lin, Utilization of high-gradient magnetic separation–secondary grinding–leaching to improve the copper recovery from refractory copper oxide ores, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 136, 2019

Nilima Dash, Swagat S. Rath, Shivakumar I. Angadi, Thermally assisted magnetic separation and characterization studies of a low-grade hematite ore, Powder Technology, Vol. 346, 2019

A. Krafcik, P. Babinec, M. Babincova, I. Frollo, High gradient magnetic separation with involved Basset history force: Configuration with single axial wire, Powder Technology, Vol. 347, 2019

Siwei Li, Jian Pan, Deqing Zhu, Zhengqi Guo, Jiwei Xu, Jianlei Chou, A novel process to upgrade the copper slag by direct reduction-magnetic separation with the addition of Na2CO3 and CaO, Powder Technology, Vol. 347, 2019

Jiwei Lu, Zhitao Yuan, Mingming Li, Xuan Zhao, Zhongyun Tong, Lixia Li, Shengliang Qi, The role of sodium oleate (NaOL) in the magnetic separation of pentlandite from serpentine using magnetic coating, Powder Technology, Vol. 345, 2019

York R. Smith, James R. Nagel, Raj K. Rajamani, Eddy current separation for recovery of non-ferrous metallic particles: A comprehensive review, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 133, 2019

Safaa Al-Ali, Frances Wall, Richard Sheridan, Joe Pickles, Richard Pascoe, Magnetic properties of REE fluorcarbonate minerals and their implications for minerals processing, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 131, 2019



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