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Liangyu Xia, Fengyu Wang, Lijuan Wang, Xian Li, Junming Chen, Quanliang Cao, Understanding and prediction of magnetization state of elliptic cross-section matrices in high gradient magnetic separation, Minerals Engineering, Vol.172, 2021

Jiangang Ku, Zhongyun Lei, Jun Xia, Bao Guo, Huihuang Chen, Xinling Peng, Hongxiang Ran, Rongdong Deng, Dynamic behavior and separation prediction of magnetic ore bulks in dry medium-intensity magnetic separator, Minerals Engineering, Vol.171, 2021

Dongdong Tang, Feiwang Wang, Huixin Dai, Mengyu Lu, Zhihui Gong, Influence of separation chamber shape in dry magnetic separator on the dispersion and separation of multiple magnetites, Minerals Engineering, Vol.171, 2021

Feiwang Wang, Dongdong Tang, Huixin Dai, Shitao Zhang, Likun Gao, Minghui Gong, Design optimization and manufacturing of an innovative precise low-intensity magnetic separator based on a multiphysics model, Minerals Engineering, Vol.171, 2021

Luzheng Chen, Tao Xiong, Dahe Xiong, Ruoyu Yang, Yuanlun Peng, Yanhai Shao, Jinyue Xu, Jianwu Zeng, Pulsating HGMS for industrial separation of chalcopyrite from fine copper-molybdenun co-flotation concentrate, Minerals Engineering, Vol.170, 2021

Yosep Han, Seongmin Kim, Byunghun Go, Sujeong Lee, Seongkyun Park, Ho-Seok Jeon, Optimized magnetic separation for efficient recovery of V and Ti enriched concentrates from vanadium-titanium magnetite ore: Effect of grinding and magnetic intensity, Powder Technology, Vol.391, 2021

Mohammad Ebrahimi, Ebrahim Azimi, Mehdi Nasiri Sarvi, Yousef Azimi, Hybrid PSO enhanced ANN model and central composite design for modelling and optimization of Low-Intensity magnetic separation of hematite, Minerals Engineering, Vol.170, 2021

Libo Zhou, Wenbo Li, Yuexin Han, Yanjun Li, Dongquan Liu, Numerical simulation for magnetic field analysis and magnetic adsorption behavior of ellipse magnetic matrices in HGMS: Prediction magnetic adsorption behavior via numerical simulation, Minerals Engineering, Vol.67, 2021

V. Nunna, S. Hapugoda, M.I. Pownceby, G.J. Sparrow, Beneficiation of low-grade, goethite-rich iron ore using microwave-assisted magnetizing roasting, Minerals Engineering, Vol.166, 2021

Wentao Zhou, Yongsheng Sun, Yuexin Han, Peng Gao, Yanjun Li, Recycling iron from oolitic hematite via microwave fluidization roasting and magnetic separation, Minerals Engineering, Vol.164, 2021

Jian-ming Gao, Wenjie Li, Shujia Ma, Zongyuan Du, Fangqin Cheng, Spinel ferrite transformation for enhanced upgrading nickel grade in laterite ore of various types, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 163, 2021

Zixing Xue, Yuhua Wang, Xiayu Zheng, Dongfang Lu, Zixi Sun, Study on optimal aspect ratio for diamond matrices in axial high gradient magnetic separation, Minerals Engineering, Vol.160, 2021



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