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C. L. Lin, J. D. Miller, G. H. Luttrell and G. T. Adel. Development of an On-line Coal Washability Analysis System Using X-ray Computed Tomography. Coal Preparation, Vol.21, No.4 (2000)

C.L. Stewart, L.J. Reimann and S.M. Swapp, Mineralogical considerations for uranium in situ leach mining: a preliminary study of uranium and associated mineralogy of roll-front uranium deposits in Wyoming and Nebraska. CIM Bulletin, Vol. 93 No. 1045, Nov./Dec. 2000

N.G. Cutmore, T.G. Evans, A.J. McEwan, C.A. Rogers, S.L. Stoddard. Low Frequency Microwave Technique for On-Line Measurement of Moisture. Minerals Engineering, Vol.14-15, no.12, Nov. 2000

A.R. O'Dea, K.E. Prince, R.S.C. Smart, A.R. Gerson. Secondary ion mass spectrometry investigation of the interaction of xanthate with galena. Int. J. Mineral Processing, Vol.61, no.2, 2000

C. Weisener, A. Gerson. An Investigation of the Cu (II) Adsorption Mechanism on Pyrite by ARXPS and SIMS. Minerals Engineering, Vol.13, no.13, Nov. 2000

C. Piantadosi, M. Jasieniak, W.M. Skinner, R.S.C. Smart. Statistical Comparison of Surface Species in Flotation Concentrates and Tails from TOF-SIMS Evidence. Minerals Engineering, Vol.13, no.13, Nov. 2000

G. Bonifazi, F. La Marca and P. Massacci, Raw ore selection by artificial vision. Minerals and Metallurgical Processing, Vol. 17 No. 4, November 2000.

Drelich, J., Laskowski, J.S. and Pawlik, M.,  Improved sample preparation and surface analysis methodology for contact angle measurements on coal (heterogeneous) surfaces. Coal Preparation, Vol. 21 No. 3 (2000)

J.G. Shapter, M.H. Brooker, W.M. Skinner. Observation of the oxidation of galena using Raman spectroscopy. Int. J. Mineral Processing, Vol.60, no.3-4, 2000

F. Ottner, S. Gier, M. Kuderna, B. Schwaighofer. Results of an inter-laboratory comparison of methods for quantitative clay analysis. Applied Clay Science, vol.17 no.5-6, 2000

H.F. Broicher, Bulk sorting by LIF: quality control of ores for bulk sorting and blending by laser-induced fluorescence analysis. Mining Engineering, Vol. 52 No. 9, September 2000

D. Bandyopadhyay, R.M. Singru, A.K. Biswas. Study of the Roasting of Chalcopyrite Minerals by 57Fe Mossbauer Spectroscopy. Minerals Engineering, Vol.13, no.8-9, Aug. 2000

Cutmore, N., Evans, T., Crnokrak, D., Middleton, A., and Stoddard, S., Microwave technique for analysis of mineral sands. Minerals Engineering, Vol.13, no.7, July 2000

Lin, D., and Finch, J.A., A standard material for stereological correction. Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly Vol. 39 Number 2, April 2000

G. Schena, C. Chiaruttini. A stereologically posed mass balance for calculating the distributed efficiency of particle separation systems. Int. J. Mineral Processing, Vol.59, no.2, 2000

A.M. Hagni, Microtextural mineralogical applications in the materials and processing industries. JOM Vol. 52 No. 4, April 2000

D.M. Hausen, Characterizing the textural features of gold ores for optimizing gold extraction. JOM Vol. 52 No. 4, April 2000

R.D. Hagni and P.A. Shivdasan, Characterizing megascopic textures in fluorspar ores at Okorusu Mine. JOM Vol. 52 No. 4, April 2000

T.T. Chen, J.E. Dutrizac and C.W. White, Sepentine ore microtextures occurring in the Magnola Magnesium Process. JOM Vol. 52 No. 4, April 2000

P. Gottlieb, G. Wilkie, D. Sutherland, E. Ho-Tun, S. Suthers, K. Perera, B. Jenkins, S. Spencer, A. Butcher and J. Rayner, Using quantitative electron microscopy for process mineralogy applications. JOM Vol. 52 No. 4, April 2000

J.J. McNee and J.D. Robertson, Development of a new water sampling device to measure biologically-available metals in natural waters and mine effluents. CIM Bulletin, Vol. 93 (1037), Feb. 2000




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