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Safaa Al-Ali, Frances Wall, Robert Fitzpatrick, Sam Broom-Fendley, Gavyn Rollinson, Aoife E. Brady, Jonathan R. Pickles, Adam Williams, Will Dawes, Key process mineralogy parameters for rare earth fluorcarbonate-bearing carbonatite deposits: The example of Songwe Hill, Malawi, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 159, 2020

Parisa Semsari Parapari, Mehdi Parian, Fredrik Forsberg, Jan Rosenkranz, Characterization of ore texture crack formation and liberation by quantitative analyses of spatial deformation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 157, 2020

Takao Ueda, Tatsuya Oki, A stereological correction method employing an artificial neural network for mineral liberation assessment of ore particles, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 157, 2020

Jeff T. Boobhun, Dale E. Otten, William Skinner, David G. Lancaster, Short-wavelength infrared reflectance spectroscopy of minerals by supercontinuum illumination and speckle reduction, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 156, 2020

Isabel Barton, Monte Carlo simulations of electron-sample interactions at phase boundaries and implications for automated mineralogy, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 155, 2020

Bardia Yousefi, Clemente Ibarra Castanedo, Xavier P.V. Maldague, Georges Beaudoin, Assessing the reliability of an automated system for mineral identification using LWIR Hyperspectral Infrared imagery, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 155, 2020

Ximei Luo, Qiqiang Lin, Yunfan Wang, Mengjie Tian, Hao Lai, Shaojun Bai, Yongfeng Zhou, New insights into the activation mechanism of calcium species to quartz: ToF-SIMS and AFM investigation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 153, 2020

Susumu Imashuku, Kazuaki Wagatsuma, Rapid identification of rare earth element bearing minerals in ores by cathodoluminescence method, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 151, 2020

Camilo A. Mena Silva, Steinar L. Ellefmo, Roar Sand°y, Bj°rn E. S°rensen, Kurt Aasly, A neural network approach for spatial variation assessment ľ A nepheline syenite case study, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 149, 2020

Pierre-Henri Koch, Jan Rosenkranz, Sequential decision-making in mining and processing based on geometallurgical inputs, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 149, 2020

Mark Rollog, Nigel J. Cook, Paul Guagliardo, Kathy Ehrig, Matt Kilburn, Radionuclide distributions in Olympic Dam copper concentrates: The significance of minor hosts, incorporation mechanisms, and the role of mineral surfaces, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 148, 2020

Shihong Xu, Debo Cheng, William Skinner, Susana Brito e Abreu, Application of ToF-SIMS to predict contact angles of pyrite particles, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 147, 2020

Alfredo Lˇpez-Benito, Juan Carlos Catalina, David Alarcˇn, ┌rsula Grunwald, Paulo Romero, Ricardo Castroviejo, Automated ore microscopy based on multispectral measurements of specular reflectance. I ľ A comparative study of some supervised classification techniques, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 146, 2020

Nathalie Kupka, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, Edgar Schach, Kai Bachmann, Thomas Heinig, Martin Rudolph, R as an environment for data mining of process mineralogy data: A case study of an industrial rougher flotation bank, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 146, 2020

Andrea C. Guhl, Beate Brett, Bernhard Schulz, Martin Bertau, Particle responses of stabilised fly ash to chemical treatment for resource extraction: An automated mineralogy investigation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 145, 2020

Melanie St-Arnault, Bas Vriens, Randy Blaskovich, Celedonio Aranda, Bern Klein, K. Ulrich Mayer, Roger D. Beckie, Geochemical and mineralogical assessment of reactivity in a full-scale heterogeneous waste-rock pile, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 145, 2020

Viktor Lishchuk, Pierre-Henri Koch, Yousef Ghorbani, Alan R. Butcher, Towards integrated geometallurgical approach: Critical review of current practices and future trends, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 145, 2020



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