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B.G. Yildirim, D. Bradshaw, Ma. Powell, C. Evans, A. Clark, Development of an effective and practical Process Alteration Index (PAI) for predicting metallurgical responses of Cu porphyries, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 69, 2014

L. Santoro, M. Boni, G.K. Rollinson, N. Mondillo, G. Balassone, A.M. Clegg, Mineralogical characterization of the Hakkari nonsulfide Zn(Pb) deposit (Turkey): The benefits of QEMSCAN, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 69, 2014

A.M. Kusuma, Q. Liu, H. Zeng, Understanding interaction mechanisms between pentlandite and gangue minerals by zeta potential and surface force measurements, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 69, 2014

M. Rudolph, U.A. Peuker, Mapping hydrophobicity combining AFM and Raman spectroscopy, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 66-68, 2014

M. Becker, J. Wiese, M. Ramonotsi, Investigation into the mineralogy and flotation performance of oxidised PGM ore, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 65, 2014

C. Philander, A. Rozendaal, A process mineralogy approach to geometallurgical model refinement for the Namakwa Sands heavy minerals operations, west coast of South Africa, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 65, 2014

J. Hunt, R. Berry, D. Bradshaw, B. Triffett, S. Walters, Development of recovery domains: Examples from the Prominent Hill IOCG deposit, Australia, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 64, 2014

E.M. Wightman, C.L. Evans, Representing and interpreting the liberation spectrum in a processing context, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 61, 2014

I. Tonzetic , M. Duncan, S. Bramdeo, The autosem ore characterisation of conglomeratic and banded iron formations, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 61, 2014

G.J. Barker, A.R. Gerson, J.F. Menuge, The impact of iron sulfide on lead recovery at the giant Navan Zn–Pb orebody, Ireland, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 128, 2014

W. Baum, Ore characterization, process mineralogy and lab automation a roadmap for future mining, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 60, 2014

E.R. Bobicki, Q. Liu, Z. Xu, Microwave heating of ultramafic nickel ores and mineralogical effects, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 58, 2014

Y. Gu, R.P. Schouwstra, C. Rule, The value of automated mineralogy, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 58, 2014

B. Ndlovu, E. Forbes, S. Farrokhpay, M. Becker, D. Bradshaw, D. Deglon, A preliminary rheological classification of phyllosilicate group minerals, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 55, 2014

S. Chehreh Chelgani, B. Hart, M. Biesinger, J. Marois, M. Ourriban, Pyrochlore surface oxidation in relation to matrix Fe composition: A study by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 55, 2014

A. Poliakov, E. Donskoi, Automated relief-based discrimination of non-opaque minerals in optical image analysis, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 55, 2014

R. Neumann, A. Nair Avelar, G. Magela da Costa, Refinement of the isomorphic substitutions in goethite and hematite by the Rietveld method, and relevance to bauxite characterisation and processing, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 55, 2014

C. Plackowski, M.A. Hampton, W.J. Bruckard, A.V. Nguyen, An XPS investigation of surface species formed by electrochemically induced surface oxidation of enargite in the oxidative potential range, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 55, 2014



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