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J.R.A. Godinho, M. Kern, A.D. Renno, J. Gutzmer, Volume quantification in interphase voxels of ore minerals using 3D imaging, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 144, 2019

Huizhen Hao, Ronghua Guo, Qing Gu, Xiumian Hu, Machine learning application to automatically classify heavy minerals in river sand by using SEM/EDS data, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 143, 2019

Valentine A. Chanturiya, I.Zh. Bunin, Maria Ryazantseva, XPS study of sulfide minerals surface oxidation under high-voltage nanosecond pulses, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 143, 2019

Mark I. Pownceby, Sarath Hapugoda, James Manuel, Nathan A.S. Webster, Colin M. MacRae, Characterisation of phosphorus and other impurities in goethite-rich iron ores – Possible P incorporation mechanisms, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 143, 2019

Pratama Istiadi Guntoro, Glacialle Tiu, Yousef Ghorbani, Cecilia Lund, Jan Rosenkranz, Application of machine learning techniques in mineral phase segmentation for X-ray microcomputed tomography (µCT) data, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 142, 2019

P.C. Santos-Munguía, F. Nava-Alonso, V.M. Rodríguez-Chávez, O. Alonso-González, Hidden gold in fire assay of gold telluride ores, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 141, 2019

Bent Babel, Martin Rudolph, Co-localized (colloidal probe) atomic force microscopy/Raman spectroscopy measurements for hydrophobicity characterization, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 141, 2019

Petr Mikysek, Tomáš Trojek, Noemi Mészárosová, Jirí Adamovic, Marek Slobodník, X-ray fluorescence mapping as a first-hand tool in disseminated ore assessment: sandstone-hosted U–Zr mineralization, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 141, 2019

Takao Ueda, Experimental validation of a statistical reliability method for the liberation distribution measurement of ore particles, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 140, 2019

Tania Hidalgo, Laura Kuhar, Andreas Beinlich, Andrew Putnis, Kinetics and mineralogical analysis of copper dissolution from a bornite/chalcopyrite composite sample in ferric-chloride and methanesulfonic-acid solutions, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 188, 2019

Yi Yang, Yushuang Yang, Xiyu Gao, Jochen Petersen, Miao Chen, Microstructure evolution of low-grade chalcopyrite ores in chloride leaching - A synchrotron-based X-ray CT approach combined with a data-constrained modelling (DCM), Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 188, 2019

Y. Kyoda, A.D. Costine, P.D. Fawell, J. Bellwood, G.K. Das, Using focused beam reflectance measurement (FBRM) to monitor aggregate structures formed in flocculated clay suspensions, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 138, 2019

Julio César Álvarez Iglesias, Richard Bryan Magalhaes Santos, Sidnei Paciornik, Deep learning discrimination of quartz and resin in optical microscopy images of minerals, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 138, 2019

Marius Kern, Laura Tusa, Thomas Leißner, Karl Gerald van den Boogaart, Jens Gutzmer, Optimal sensor selection for sensor-based sorting based on automated mineralogy data, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 234, 2019

Jiushuai Deng, Hao Lai, Miao Chen, Matthew Glen, Shuming Wen, Biao Zhao, Zilong Liu, Hua Yang, Mingshi Liu, Lingyun Huang, Shiliang Guan, Ping Wang, Effect of iron concentration on the crystallization and electronic structure of sphalerite/marmatite: A DFT study, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 136, 2019

Pierre-Henri Koch, Cecilia Lund, Jan Rosenkranz, Automated drill core mineralogical characterization method for texture classification and modal mineralogy estimation for geometallurgy, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 136, 2019

Josette El Haddad, Elton Soares de Lima Filho, Francis Vanier, Aďssa Harhira, Christian Padioleau, Mohamad Sabsabi, Greg Wilkie, Alain Blouin, Multiphase mineral identification and quantification by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 134, 2019

A. Navarra, M. Alvarez, K. Rojas, A. Menzies, R. Pax, K. Waters, Concentrator operational modes in response to geological variation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 134, 2019

Nebeal Faris, Rahul Ram, James Tardio, Suresh Bhargava, Mark I. Pownceby, Characterisation of a ferruginous rare earth bearing lateritic ore and implications for rare earth mineral processing, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 134, 2019

Viktor Lishchuk, Cecilia Lund, Yousef Ghorbani, Evaluation and comparison of different machine-learning methods to integrate sparse process data into a spatial model in geometallurgy, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 134, 2019

Rina Kim, Ahmad Ghahreman, The effect of ore mineralogy on the electrochemical gold dissolution behavior in various cyanide and oxygen concentrations; Effect of sulfidic ores containing heavy metals, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 184, 2019

Sophie Leroy, Eric Pirard, Mineral recognition of single particles in ore slurry samples by means of multispectral image processing, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 132, 2019

Viktor Lishchuk, Cecilia Lund, Pierre-Henri Koch, Mattias Gustafsson, Bertil I. Pĺlsson, Geometallurgical characterisation of Leveäniemi iron ore – Unlocking the patterns, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 131, 2019

Aurélie Chopard, Philippe Marion, Jean-Jacques Royer, Raymond Taza, Hassan Bouzahzah, Mostafa Benzaazoua, Automated sulfides quantification by multispectral optical microscopy, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 131, 2019

Hequn Li, Zhiqiang Xu, Weidong Wang, Yibing Liu, Sa Zhang, A novel technique for online slurry grade detection based on EDXRF, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 131, 2019

Lunga Cleartone Bam, Jodie Ann Miller, Megan Becker, Ian James Basson, X-ray computed tomography: Practical evaluation of beam hardening in iron ore samples, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 131, 2019

S. Puvvada, C.L. Lin, J.D. Miller, High speed X-ray computed tomography for plant-site analysis of pebble phosphate, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 130, 2019

Jonathan Rincon, Stoyan Gaydardzhiev, Lachezar Stamenov, Coupling comminution indices and mineralogical features as an approach to a geometallurgical characterization of a copper ore, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 130, 2019



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