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G. Schena, M. Piller, M. Zanin, Discrete X-ray tomographic reconstruction for fast mineral liberation spectrum retrieval, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 145, 2015

R. Neumann, E.B. Medeiros, Comprehensive mineralogical and technological characterisation of the Araxá (SE Brazil) complex REE (Nb-P) ore, and the fate of its processing, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 144, 2015

Y. Wang, C.L. Lin, J.D. Miller, Improved 3D image segmentation for X-ray tomographic analysis of packed particle beds, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 83, 2015

K. Tungpalan, E. Wightman, E. Manlapig, Relating mineralogical and textural characteristics to flotation behaviour, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 82, 2015

F.E. Minz, N. Bolin, P. Lamberg, K. Bachmann, J. Gutzmer, C. Wanhainen, Distribution of Sb minerals in the Cu and Zn flotation of Rockliden massive sulphide ore in north-central Sweden, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 82, 2015

L. Little, M. Becker, J. Wiese, A.N. Mainza, Auto-SEM particle shape characterisation: Investigating fine grinding of UG2 ore, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 82, 2015

C. Lund, P. Lamberg, T. Lindberg, Development of a geometallurgical framework to quantify mineral textures for process prediction, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 82, 2015

C.L. Evans, E.M. Wightman, X. Yuan, Quantifying mineral grain size distributions for process modelling using X-ray micro-tomography, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 82, 2015

O. Udoudo, O. Folorunso, C. Dodds, S. Kingman, A. Ure, Understanding the performance of a pilot vermiculite exfoliation system through process mineralogy, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 82, 2015

O. Peltosaari, P. Tanskanen, E. Heikkinen, T. Fabritius, Phase transformation of spodumene with hybrid microwave and conventional furnaces, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 82, 2015

T.D.H. McGrath, L. O’Connor, J.J. Eksteen, A comparison of 2D and 3D shape characterisations of free gold particles in gravity and flash flotation concentrates, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 82, 2015

M. Parian, P. Lamberg, R. Möckel, J. Rosenkranz, Analysis of mineral grades for geometallurgy: Combined element-to-mineral conversion and quantitative X-ray diffraction, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 82, 2015

R.A. Mariano, C.L. Evans, Error analysis in ore particle composition distribution measurements, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 82, 2015

E. Charikinya, S. Bradshaw, M. Becker, Characterising and quantifying microwave induced damage in coarse sphalerite ore particles, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 82, 2015

I.D. Delbem, R. Galéry, P.R.G. Brandão, A.E.C. Peres, Semi-automated iron ore characterisation based on optical microscope analysis: Quartz/resin classification, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 82, 2015

D. Xue, H. Wang, Y. Liu, P. Shen, Multicolumn solid phase extraction with hybrid adsorbent and rapid determination of Au, Pd and Pt in geological samples by GF-AAS, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 81, 2015

Y. Yang, S. Harmer, M. Chen, Synchrotron-based XPS and NEXAFS study of surface chemical species during electrochemical oxidation of chalcopyrite, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 156, 2015

M. Becker, N. Dyantyi, J.L. Broadhurst, S.T.L. Harrison, J.-P.Franzidis, A mineralogical approach to evaluating laboratory scale acid rock drainage characterisation tests, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 80, 2015

C. Johnson, M.I. Pownceby, N.C. Wilson, The application of automated electron beam mapping techniques to the characterisation of low grade, fine-grained mineralisation; potential problems and recommendations, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 79, 2015

T.C. Santini, Application of the Rietveld refinement method for quantification of mineral concentrations in bauxite residues (alumina refining tailings), International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 139, 2015

F. Konrad, R. Stalder, R. Tessadri, Quantitative phase analysis of lateritic bauxite with NIR-spectroscopy, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 77, 2015

Y. Wang, Numerical modelling of heterogeneous rock breakage behaviour based on texture images, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 74, 2015

J. Quinteros, E. Wightman, N.W. Johnson, D. Bradshaw, Evaluation of the response of valuable and gangue minerals on a recovery, size and liberation basis for a low-grade silver ore, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 74, 2015

P. Escárate, R. Hein, M. Durán, P. Ramaciotti, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy for accurate copper estimation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 71, 2015

C. Jianhua, K. Baolin, L. Lihong, L. Yuqiong, DFT and experimental studies of oxygen adsorption on galena surface bearing Ag, Mn, Bi and Cu impurities, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 71, 2015

K. Tungpalan, E. Manlapig, M. Andrusiewicz, L. Keeney, E. Wightman, M. Edraki, An integrated approach of predicting metallurgical performance relating to variability in deposit characteristics, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 71, 2015

P. Pourghahramani, B.N. Akhgar, Characterization of structural changes of mechanically activated natural pyrite using XRD line profile analysis, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 134, 2015



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