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N. Khajehzadeh, O. Haavisto, L. Koresaar, On-stream mineral identification of tailing slurries of an iron ore concentrator using data fusion of LIBS, reflectance spectroscopy and XRF measurement techniques, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 113, 2017

A. Navarra, A. Menzies, A. Jordens, K. Waters, Strategic evaluation of concentrator operational modes under geological uncertainty, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 164, 2017

C. Brough, J. Strongman, R. Bowell, R. Warrender, A. Prestia, A. Barnes, J. Fletcher, Automated environmental mineralogy; the use of liberation analysis in humidity cell testwork, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 107, 2017

N. Fox, A. Parbhakar-Fox, J. Moltzen, S. Feig, K. Goemann, J. Huntington, Applications of hyperspectral mineralogy for geoenvironmental characterisation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 107, 2017

F.J. Galdames, C.A. Perez, P.A. EstÚvez, M. Adams, Classification of rock lithology by laser range 3D and color images, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 160, 2017

M. Dalm, M.W.N. Buxton, F.J.A. van Ruitenbeek, Discriminating ore and waste in a porphyry copper deposit using short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) hyperspectral imagery, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 105, 2017

S. Zhou, Y. Wei, B. Li, H. Wang, B. Ma, C. Wang, X. Luo, Mineralogical characterization and design of a treatment process for Yunnan nickel laterite ore, China, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 159, 2017

N.Kh. Salakjani, A.N. Nikoloski, P. Singh, Mineralogical transformations of spodumene concentrate from Greenbushes, Western Australia. Part 2: Microwave heating, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 100, 2017

K. Tungpalan, E. Wightman, E. Manlapig, L. Keeney, The influence of veins on mineral liberation as described by random masking simulation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 100, 2017



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