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M. Zhang, G. Zhu, Y. Zhao, X. Feng, A study of recovery of copper and cobalt from copper–cobalt oxide ores by ammonium salt roasting, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 129-130, 2012

E.L.J. Kleynhans, J.P. Beukes, P.G. Van Zyl, P.H.I. Kestens, J.M. Langa, Unique challenges of clay binders in a pelletised chromite pre-reduction process, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 34, 2012

M. Samouhos, M. Taxiarchou, R. Hutcheon, E. Devlin, Microwave reduction of a nickeliferous laterite ore, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 34, 2012

H. Mio, M. Kadowaki, S. Matsuzaki, K. Kunitomo, Development of particle flow simulator in charging process of blast furnace by discrete element method, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 33, 2012

Y. Shen, A. Yu, P. Austin, P. Zulli, Modelling in-furnace phenomena of pulverized coal injection in ironmaking blast furnace: Effect of coke bed porosities, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 33, 2012

Y.B. Zhang, G.H. Li, T. Jiang, Y.F. Guo, Z.C. Huang, Reduction behavior of tin-bearing iron concentrate pellets using diverse coals as reducers, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 110-111, 2012

O. Sivrikaya, A.I. Arol, The bonding/strengthening mechanism of colemanite added organic binders in iron ore pelletization, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 110-111, 2012

S. Cetinkaya, S. Eroglu, Thermodynamic analysis and reduction of tin oxide with methane, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 110-111, 2012

G. Li, T. Shi, M. Rao, T. Jiang, Y. Zhang, Beneficiation of nickeliferous laterite by reduction roasting in the presence of sodium sulfate, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 32, 2012

D.Q. Zhu, Y. Cui, K. Vining, S. Hapugoda, J. Douglas, J. Pan, G.L. Zheng, Upgrading low nickel content laterite ores using selective reduction followed by magnetic separation, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 106-109, 2012

F. Xia, A. Pring, J. Brugger, Understanding the mechanism and kinetics of pentlandite oxidation in extractive pyrometallurgy of nickel, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 27-28, 2012



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