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Muhammad Haziq Uddin, Leili Tafaghodi Khajavi, The effect of sulfur in rotary kiln fuels on nickel laterite calcination, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 157, 2020

Suzanne Beauchemin, Joanne Gamage McEvoy, Yves Thibault, Ted MacKinnon, Partitioning of transition metals during magnetization of oxidized pyrrhotite tailings, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 156, 2020

Desmond Attah-Kyei, Guven Akdogan, Christie Dorfling, Johan Zietsman, Daniel Lindberg, Fiseha Tesfaye, Quinn Reynolds, Investigation of waste PCB leach residue as a reducing agent in smelting processes, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 156, 2020

Shuai Yuan, Wentao Zhou, Yuexin Han, Yanjun Li, An innovative technology for full component recovery of iron and manganese from low grade iron-bearing manganese ore, Powder Technology, Vol. 373, 2020

Huichuan Ren, Jiangtao Li, Zhongyang Tang, Zhongwei Zhao, Xingyu Chen, Xuheng Liu, Lihua He, Sustainable and efficient extracting of tin and tungsten from wolframite – scheelite mixed ore with high tin content, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 269, 2020

Xueyi Guo, Hong Qin, Qinghua Tian, Lei Zhang, The efficacy of a new iodination roasting technology to recover gold and silver from refractory gold tailing, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 261, 2020

Shuai Yuan, Wentao Zhou, Yuexin Han, Yanjun Li, Separation of manganese and iron for low-grade ferromanganese ore via fluidization magnetization roasting and magnetic separation technology, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 152, 2020

Paulo F.A. Braga, Silvia C.A. França, Caroline C. Gonçalves, Paulo F.V. Ferraz, Reiner Neumann, Extraction of lithium from a montebrasite concentrate: Applied mineralogy, pyro- and hydrometallurgy, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 191, 2020

Guihua Hang, Zhengliang Xue, Yingjiang Wu, Preparation of high-grade ferronickel from low-grade nickel laterite by self-reduction and selective oxidation with CO2-CO gas, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 151, 2020

R.K. Amankwah, G. Ofori-Sarpong, Microwave roasting of flash flotation concentrate containing pyrite, arsenopyrite and carbonaceous matter, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 151, 2020

Adrián Carrillo García, Mohammad Latifi, Jamal Chaouki, Kinetics of calcination of natural carbonate minerals, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 150, 2020

Hao Wu, Yali Feng, Haoran Li, Hongjun Wang, Jinrong Ju, Co-recovery of manganese from pyrolusite and gold from carbonaceous gold ore using fluidized roasting coupling technology, Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification, Vol. 147, 2020

Huiyang Gao, Tao Jiang, Mi Zhou, Jing Wen, Xi Li, Ying Wang, Xiangxin Xue, Effect of microwave irradiation and conventional calcification roasting with calcium hydroxide on the extraction of vanadium and chromium from high-chromium vanadium slag, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 145, 2020

Yusheng Yang, Chaoqun Lan, Lingyun Guo, Zhuoqing An, Zengwu Zhao, Baowei Li, Recovery of rare-earth element from rare-earth permanent magnet waste by electro-refining in molten fluorides, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 233, 2020



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