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Hongjun Wang, Yali Feng, Haoran Li, Jinxing Kang, The separation of gold and vanadium in carbonaceous gold ore by one-step roasting method, Powder Technology, Vol. 355, 2019

Derek Machalek, Kody M. Powell, Model predictive control of a rotary kiln for fast electric demand response, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 144, 2019

Longgang Ye, Zhen Ouyang, Yifeng Chen, Yongming Chen, Li Xiao, Sulfur fixation and reduction roasting of stibnite for clean extraction of antimony by a combined metallurgy and beneficiation process, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 144, 2019

P.V. Aleksandrov, A.S. Medvedev, V.A. Imideev, D.O. Moskovskikh, Nickel sulphide concentrate processing via low-temperature calcination with sodium chloride: Part 2 – Chemistry and mechanism of interaction, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 143, 2019

Lei Tang, ChaoBo Tang, Jin Xiao, Ping Zeng, Motang Tang, Zhian Wang, Zhenhua Zhang, A cleaner process for lead recovery from lead-containing hazardous solid waste and zinc leaching residue via reducing-matting smelting, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 241, 2019

Patrick N. Lemougna, Juho Yliniemi, Arnold Ismailov, Erkki Levanen, Pekka Tanskanen, Paivo Kinnunen, Juha Roning, Mirja Illikainen, Spodumene tailings for porcelain and structural materials: Effect of temperature (1050–1200°C) on the sintering and properties, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 141, 2019

C.A. Pickles, O. Marzoughi, Thermodynamic analysis of metal speciation during the chlorosulphation of electric arc furnace dust, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 140, 2019

Arif A. Abdullah, Hans C. Oskierski, Mohammednoor Altarawneh, Gamini Senanayake, Gregory Lumpkin, Bogdan Z. Dlugogorski, Phase transformation mechanism of spodumene during its calcination, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 140, 2019

Veeranjaneyulu Rayapudi, Shrey Agrawal, Nikhil Dhawan, Optimization of microwave carbothermal reduction for processing of banded hematite jasper ore, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 138, 2019

A.K. Tripathy, S. Mahalik, C.K. Sarangi, B.C. Tripathy, K. Sanjay, I.N. Bhattacharya, A pyro-hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of alumina from waste aluminium dross, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 137, 2019

Sahand Sarbishei, Leili Tafaghodi Khajavi, Kinetic analysis on nickel laterite ore calcination using model-free and model-fitting methods, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 136, 2019

P.V. Aleksandrov, A.S. Medvedev, V.A. Imideev, D.O. Moskovskikh, Nickel sulphide concentrate processing via low-temperature calcination with sodium chloride. Part 1 – Identification of interaction products, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 134, 2019

Feng Liu, Dawei Yu, Sam Marcuson, Fanmao Wang, Bo Li, Mansoor Barati, Thermal upgrading of nickeliferous pyrrhotite tailings: Formation mechanism of ferronickel alloy, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 134, 2019

Himawan Tri Bayu Murti Petrus, Andreas Diga Pratama Putera, Edi Sugiarto, Indra Perdana, I Wayan Warmada, Fajar Nurjaman, Widi Astuti, Anggoro Tri Mursito, Kinetics on roasting reduction of limonitic laterite ore using coconut-charcoal and anthracite reductants, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 132, 2019

Jun Yang, Guangqing Zhang, Oleg Ostrovski, Sharif Jahanshahi, Selective reduction of an Australian garnieritic laterite ore, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 131, 2019

Rodrigo Souza, Carlos Queiroz, José Brant, Eduardo Brocchi, Pyrometallurgical processing of a low copper content concentrate based on a thermodynamic assessment, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 130, 2019

Long Wang, Ting-an Zhang, Guo-zhi Lv, Zhi-he Dou, Wei-guang Zhang, Jing-zhong Zhang, Li-ping Niu, Yan Liu, Carbochlorination of alumina and silica from high-alumina fly ash, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 130, 2019



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