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K. Nageswararao. A critical analysis of the fish hook effect in hydrocyclone classifiers. Chemical Engineering Journal, vol.80 no.1-3, 2000

J. Collantes, F. Concha, B. Chine. Axial symmetric flow model for a flat bottom hydrocyclone. Chemical Engineering Journal, vol.80 no.1-3, 2000

B. Chine, F. Concha. Flow patterns in conical and cylindrical hydrocyclones. Chemical Engineering Journal, vol.80 no.1-3, 2000

A.F. Nowakowski, W. Kraipech, R.A. Williams, T. Dyakowski. The hydrodynamics of a hydrocyclone based on a three-dimensional multi-continuum model. Chemical Engineering Journal, vol.80 no.1-3, 2000

S. Pasquier, J.J. Cilliers. Sub-micron particle dewatering using hydrocyclones. Chemical Engineering Journal, vol.80 no.1-3, 2000

K. Heiskanen. Experimental hydrocyclone roping models. Chemical Engineering Journal, vol.80 no.1-3, 2000

W. Chen, N. Zydek, F. Parma. Evaluation of hydrocyclone models for practical applications. Chemical Engineering Journal, vol.80 no.1-3, 2000

L.-Y. Chu, W.-M. Chen, X.-Z. Lee. Effect of structural modification on hydrocyclone performance. Separation and Purification Technology, vol.21, no.1-2, 2000

Shi, F.N., Napier-Munn, T.J., and Asomah, I.K., Rheological effects in grinding and classification. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review, 20 (1-3), 2000

Young, M.I., and Klima, M.S., Evaluation of a hindered-settling column for size/density separations. Minerals and Metallurgical Processing17 (3), August 2000

M. Lech, E. Polednia, A. Werszler. Measurement of solid mean particle size using tomography. Powder Technology, Vol.111 no.3, 2000

B. Thomas, M.O. Mason, A.M. Squires. Some behaviors of shallow vibrated beds across a wide range in particle size and their implications for powder classification. Powder Technology, Vol.111 no.1-2, 2000

Z. Ma, H.G. Merkus, J.G.A.E. de Smet, C. Heffels, B. Scarlett. New developments in particle characterization by laser diffraction: size and shape. Powder Technology, Vol.111 no.1-2, 2000

Zhao, Y., Liu, C., Fan, M., and Wei, L., Research on acceleration of elastic flip-flow screen surface. Int. J. Mineral Processing, Vol.59, no.4, July 2000

JM Van Baten, R Krishna. Modelling sieve tray hydraulics using computational fluid dynamics. Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol.77 no.3, 2000

E Hugi. Focus on solids strand formation improves separation performance of highly loaded CFB recycle cyclones. Chemical Engineering and Processing, Vol. 39 No 3, 2000

JA Gutierrez, RA Williams. Using electrical impedance for controlling hydrocyclone underflow discharge. Powder Technology, Vol.108 no.2-3, 2000

M Soldinger. Influence of particle size and bed thickness on the screening process. Minerals Engineering, Vol.13, no.3, Mar.2000

LR Castilho, RA Medronho. A simple procedure for design and performance prediction of Bradley and Rietema hydrocyclones. Minerals Engineering, Vol.13, no.2, Feb.2000

E Vigneau. Number of particles for the determination of size distribution from microscopic images. Powder Technology, Vol.107 no.3, Feb. 2000

S Kumar, TW Pirog, D Ramkrishna. A new method for estimating hindered creaming/settling velocity of particles in polydisperse systems. Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.55 no.10, Jan. 2000

FL Fassani, L Goldstein Jnr. A study of the effect of high inlet solids loading on a cyclone separator: pressure drop and collection efficiency. Powder Technology, Vol.107 no.1-2, Jan. 2000




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