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Kohmuench, J.N., et al, Applications of the CrossFlow teeter-bed separator in the U.S. coal industry, Minerals & Metallurgical Processing , Vol.23 No.4, 2006

B. Venkoba Rao, The pivot phenomenon and difference-similarity of classifier particle distributions , Powder Technology, Vol.168 No.3, 2006

B. Wang and A.B. Yu, Numerical study of particle-fluid flow in hydrocyclones with different body dimensions, Minerals Engineering, Vol.19 No.10, 2006

A. Mainza, M. Narasimha, M.S. Powell, P.N. Holtham and M. Brennan, Study of flow behaviour in a three-product cyclone using computational fluid dynamics, Minerals Engineering, Vol.19 No.10, 2006

R.D. Pascoe, Investigation of hydrocyclones for the separation of shredded fridge plastics, Waste Management, Vol.26 No.10, 2006

W. Kraipech, W. Chen, T. Dyakowski and A. Nowakowski, The performance of the empirical models on industrial hydrocyclone design, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol.80 No.2-4, 2006

S. Al-Thyabat and N.J. Miles, An improved estimation of size distribution from particle profile measurements , Powder Technology, Vol.166 No.3, 2006

J. Shen, B. Yu, Y. Xu, F. Xu and J. Shen, Particle sizing by spectral analysis on transmission fluctuations , Powder Technology, Vol.166 No.2, 2006

M. Narasimha, M. Brennan and P.N. Holtham, Large eddy simulation of hydrocyclone--prediction of air-core diameter and shape., International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol.80 No.1, 2006

Meinel, A., Design principles and elements for realising the principal functions of the screening surface of throw screens, Aufbereitungs Technik, Vol.47 No.7, 2006

Jauernik, B., et al, High-performance screens in the potassium industry, Aufbereitungs Technik, Vol.47 No.5, 2006

J.W. Lee, H.J. Yang and D.Y. Lee, Effect of the cylinder shape of a long-coned cyclone on the stable flow-field establishment , Powder Technology, Vol.165 No.1, 2006

H. Yoshida, U. Norimoto and K. Fukui, Effect of blade rotation on particle classification performance of hydro-cyclones , Powder Technology, Vol.164 No.2, 2006

Nitschke and Schmidt, E., Modeling of an air classifier system with the flow chart simulation tool SolidSim, F & S International Edition, No.6, 2006

J. Jiao, Y. Zheng, G. Sun, J. Wang, Study of the separation efficiency and the flow field of a dynamic cyclone , Separation and Purification Technology, Vol.49 No.2, 2006

Q.G. Zhao, G.D. Xia, A theoretical model for calculating pressure drop in the cone area of light dispersion hydrocyclones, Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol.117 No.3, 2006

Luttrell, G.H., et al, Development of high-efficiency hydraulic separators, Minerals & Metallurgical Processing, Vol.23 No.1, 2006

Fan, M., et al, Fine coal dry classification and separation, Minerals & Metallurgical Processing, Vol.23 No.1, 2006

J. Schmidt, J. Werther, Simulation and optimization of a centrifugal fluidized bed classifier in the micrometer range , Chemical Engineering & Processing, Vol.45 No.6, 2006

A. Shukla, A. Prakash, Ultrasonic technique to determine particle size and concentration in slurry systems, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.61 No.8, 2006

E. Doroodchi, J. Zhou, D.F. Fletcher, K.P. Galvin, Particle size classification in a fluidized bed containing parallel inclined plates, Minerals Engineering, Vol.19 No.2, 2006

P.B. Kis, C. Mihalyko, B.G. Lakatos, Discrete model for analysis and design of grinding mill-classifier systems , Chemical Engineering & Processing, Vol.45 No.5, 2006

H. Shah, A.K. Majumder, J.P. Barnwal, Development of water split model for a 76mm hydrocyclone, Minerals Engineering, Vol.19 No.1, 2006

P. Rajitha, R.P. Chhabra, N.E. Sabiri, J. Comiti, Drag on non-spherical particles in power law non-Newtonian media., International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol.78 No.2, 2006

D. Shi, N.H. El-Farra, M. Li, P. Mhaskar, P.D. Christofides, Predictive control of particle size distribution in particulate processes, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.61 No.1, 2006




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