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A. Dehghani, A.J. Monhemius, R.J. Gochin. Evaluating the Nakajima et al. model for rectangular-aperture screens. Minerals Engineering, Vol.15, no.12, 2002

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R. Guardani, C.A.O. Nascimento, R.S. Onimaru. Use of neural networks in the analysis of particle size distribution by laser diffraction: tests with different particle systems. Powder Technology, Vol.126 no.1, 2002

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R. Hou, A. Hunt, R.A. Williams. Acoustic monitoring of hydrocyclones. Powder Technology, Vol.124 no.3, 2002

M.A. Taylor. Quantitative measures for shape and size of particles. Powder Technology, Vol.124 no.1-2, 2002

P.J. Coghill, M.J. Millen, B.D. Sowerby. On-line measurement of particle size in mineral slurries. Minerals Engineering, Vol.15, no.1-2, 2002

M. Soldinger. Transport velocity of a crushed rock material bed on a screen. Minerals Engineering, Vol.15, no.1-2, 2002

K.P. Galvin, E. Doroodchi, A.M. Callen, N. Lambert, S.J. Pratten. Pilot plant trial of the reflux classifier. Minerals Engineering, Vol.15, no.1-2, 2002

W. Vorster, A. Hinde, F. Schiefer. Increased screening efficiency using a Kroosher unit coupled with a Sweco screen (Part 1). Minerals Engineering, Vol.15, no.1-2, 2002

J. Kolacz. Investigating flow conditions in dynamic air classification. Minerals Engineering, Vol.15, no.3, 2002

R.M. Braun, J. Kolacz, D.I. Hoyer. Fine dry comminution of calcium carbonate in a Hicom mill with an Inprosys air classifier. Minerals Engineering, Vol.15, no.3, 2002

C. Kan, C. Huang, J.R. Pan. Time requirement for rapid-mixing in coagulation. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, vol.203 no.1-3, 2002

L.-Y. Chu, W.-M. Chen, X.-Z. Lee. Effects of geometric and operating parameters and feed characters on the motion of solid particles in hydrocyclones. Separation and Purification Technology, Vol.26 no.2-3, 2002

L.-Y. Chu, W.-M. Chen, X.-Z. Lee. Enhancement of hydrocyclone performance by controlling the inside turbulence structure. Chemical Engineering Science, vol.57 no.1, 2002




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