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N. Wang, A white light-based light-scattering technique for particle sizing. Powder Technology, Vol.137 No.1-2, 2003

T. Yalcin, E. Kaukolin, A. Byers, Axial inlet cyclone for mineral processing applications. Minerals Engineering, Vol.16 No.12, 2003

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P. Mougin, D. Wilkinson, K.J. Roberts, R. Jack, P. Kippax, Sensitivity of particle sizing by ultrasonic attenuation spectroscopy to material properties. Powder Technology, Vol.134 No.3, 2003

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Rong, R., and Napier-Munn, T.J., Development of a more efficient classifying cyclone. Coal Preparation Vol. 23 Number 4, 2003

Firth, B., and O'Brien, M., Hydrocyclone circuits. Coal Preparation Vol. 23 Number 4, 2003

Wodzinski, P., Screening of fine granular material. Coal Preparation Vol. 23 Number 4, 2003

Mohanty, M.K., Palit, A., and Khanna, N., Models for predicting the performance of a linear screen. Coal Preparation Vol. 23 Number 4, 2003

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Campbell, J.J., et al, Systematic assessment of hydrocyclone performance to select optimum configuration for a given application. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy (Trans. IMM Sec. C), Vol. 112 No.1, April 2003

Wen, B., The probability thick-layer screening method and its application. Coal Preparation, Vol.23 Numbers 1-2, 2003

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P. Da Silva, C. Briens, A. Bernis. Development of a new rapid method to measure erosion rates in laboratory and pilot plant cyclones. Powder Technology, Vol.131 no.2-3, 2003

K. Nakamura, T. Kawabata, Y. Mori. Size distribution analysis of colloidal gold by small angle X-ray scattering and light absorbance. Powder Technology, Vol.131 no.2-3, 2003

B. Firth. Hydrocyclones in dewatering circuits. Minerals Engineering, Vol.16, no.2, 2003

H. Morimoto, T. Shakouchi. Classification of ultra fine powder by a new pneumatic type classifier. Powder Technology, Vol.131 no.1, 2003

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M.K. Mohanty. Fine coal screening performance enhancement using the Pansep screen. Int. J. Mineral Processing, Vol.69, no.1-4, 2003




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