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Chi Wang, Guangwen Cui, Study on the flow field and improved separation performance of a three-stage cone water-only cyclone, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 159, 2020

Wei Huang, Fengnian Shi, Christian Antonio, Kym Runge, Influence of grade heterogeneity and gangue mineralogy on the efficacy of high voltage pulse enabled ore pre-concentration, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 159, 2020

Carla Ferreira, Javier Cardona, Okpeafoh Agimelen, Christos Tachtatzis, Ivan Andonovic, Jan Sefcik, Yi-Chieh Chen, Quantification of particle size and concentration using in-line techniques and multivariate analysis, Powder Technology, Vol. 376, 2020

Feng Li, Peikun Liu, Xinghua Yang, Yuekan Zhang, Yaqin Zhao, Effects of inlet concentration on the hydrocyclone separation performance with different inlet velocity, Powder Technology, Vol. 375, 2020

Wonjae Lee, Minuk Jung, Seongsoo Han, Seungsoo Park, Jai-koo Park, Simulation of layout rearrangement in the grinding/classification process for increasing throughput of industrial gold ore plant, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 157, 2020

J. Daza, P. Cornejo, C. Rodríguez, F. Betancourt, F. Concha, Influence of the feed particle size distribution on roping in hydrocyclones, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 157, 2020

C.A.O. Rocha, G. Ullmann, D.O. Silva, L.G.M. Vieira, Effect of changes in the feed duct on hydrocyclone performance, Powder Technology, Vol. 374, 2020

Feng Li, Peikun Liu, Xinghua Yang, Yuekan Zhang, Numerical simulation on the effects of different inlet pipe structures on the flow field and separation performance in a hydrocyclone, Powder Technology, Vol. 373, 2020

Jéssica Terra Teodoro da Silva, Isabele Cristina Bicalho, Gustavo Paiva Ribeiro, Carlos Henrique Ataíde, Hydrocyclone applied in the physical processing of phosphate concentrate containing rare earth elements, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 155, 2020

D. Vega-Garcia, J.J. Cilliers, P.R. Brito-Parada, CFD modelling of particle classification in mini-hydrocyclones, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 251, 2020

Lanyue Jiang, Peikun Liu, Xinghua Yang, Yuekan Zhang, Xiaoyu Li, Yulong Zhang, Hui Wang, Experimental research on the separation performance of W-shaped hydrocyclone, Powder Technology, Vol. 372, 2020

V.P. Barbosa, A.L. Menezes, R. Gedraite, C.H. Ataíde, Vibration screening: A detailed study using image analysis techniques to characterize the bed behavior in solid–liquid separation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 154, 2020

Haiyun Xie, Rui Sun, Xiangjun Ren, Zhicheng You, Yanhao Liu, Dongxia Feng, Luzheng Chen, Development of a novel fluidized hydrocyclone concentrator for mineral separation, , Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 248, 2020

A.L. Menezes, V.P. Barbosa, R.A. Malagoni, R. Gedraite, C.H. Ataíde, Evaluation of the residual moisture content in pilot scale vibrating screening operating with pressure reduction in the screen drying region, Powder Technology, Vol. 369, 2020

Yuan Huang, Hua-lin Wang, Jinyi Tian, Jianping Li, Pengbo Fu, Fengqin He, Theoretical study on centrifugal coupling characteristics of self-rotation and revolution of particles in hydrocyclones, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 244, 2020

Baoyu Cui, Caie Zhang, Qiang Zhao, Duanxu Hou, Dezhou Wei, Tao Song, Yuqing Feng, Study on interaction effects between the hydrocyclone feed flow rate and the feed size distribution, Powder Technology, Vol. 366, 2020

Leonardo M. Rosa, Lucas Offeney, Bruno Kastelic, Carlos A. Cardoso, Rodrigo K. Decker, Henry F. Meier, Development of a kinetic model for particles size reduction in cyclones, Powder Technology, Vol. 364, 2020

K.C. Giglia, C. Aldrich, Operational state detection in hydrocyclones with convolutional neural networks and transfer learning, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 149, 2020

A. Reple, A.C. Chieregati, W. Valery, F. Prati, Bulk ore sorting cut-off estimation methodology: Phu Kham Mine case study, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 149, 2020

Robert Zarzycki, Renata Wlodarczyk, Rafal Kobylecki, Zbigniew Bis, Impact of collisions between fine and coarse particles on the terminal velocity of coarse particles, Powder Technology, Vol. 363, 2020

Hakan Dündar, Investigating the benefits of replacing hydrocyclones with high-frequency fine screens in closed grinding circuit by simulation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 148, 2020

S. Venkatesh, M. Sakthivel, H. Saranav, N. Saravanan, M. Rathnakumar, K.K. Santhosh, Performance investigation of the combined series and parallel arrangement cyclone separator using experimental and CFD approach, Powder Technology, Vol. 361, 2020

Moacir Medeiros Veras, Aaron Samuel Young, Cristiano Rocha Born, Artur Szewczuk, Artur Cezar Bastos Neto, Carlos Otávio Petter, Carlos Hoffmann Sampaio, Affinity of dual energy X-ray transmission sensors on minerals bearing heavy rare earth elements, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 147, 2020

Rui Sousa, Aurora Futuro, António Fiúza, Mário Machado Leite, Pre-concentration at crushing sizes for low-grade ores processing – Ore macro texture characterization and liberation assessment, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 147, 2020

Genzhuang Li, Bern Klein, Chunbao Sun, Jue Kou, Applying Receiver-Operating-Characteristic (ROC) to bulk ore sorting using XRF, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 146, 2020

Ergin Gülcan, A novel approach for sensor based sorting performance determination, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 146, 2020

L. Tusa, M. Kern, M. Khodadadzadeh, R. Blannin, R. Gloaguen, J. Gutzmer, Evaluating the performance of hyperspectral short-wave infrared sensors for the pre-sorting of complex ores using machine learning methods, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 146, 2020

Vladimir Jokovic, Robert Morrison, Daniel Alexander, Can the performance of semi-inverted hydrocyclones be similar to fine screening?, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 146, 2020

Christopher Robben, Pedro Condori, Angel Pinto, Ronald Machaca, Anssi Takala, X-ray-transmission based ore sorting at the San Rafael tin mine, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 145, 2020

A.F. Grabsch, M. Yahyaei, P.D. Fawell, Number-sensitive particle size measurements for monitoring flocculation responses to different grinding conditions, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 145, 2020

Fengqin He, Hualin Wang, Jianggang Wang, Shaofan Li, Yi Fan, Xiao Xu, Experimental study of mini-hydrocyclones with different vortex finder depths using Particle Imaging Velocimetry, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 236, 2020

Li Qiang, Wang Qinggong, Xu Weiwei, Zhu Zilin, Zhu Konghao, Experimental and computational analysis of a cyclone separator with a novel vortex finder, Powder Technology, Vol. 360, 2020

Jinyi Tian, Long Ni, Tao Song, Jianing Zhao, CFD simulation of hydrocyclone-separation performance influenced by reflux device and different vortex-finder lengths, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 233, 2020



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