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T. Phiri, H.J. Glass, P. Mwamba, Development of a strategy and interpretation of the NIR spectra for application in automated sorting, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 127, 2018

W. Huang, F. Shi, V. Jokovic, A method to determine the minimum quantity of ore sample required for laboratory scale study of ore pre-concentration by high voltage pulses, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 127, 2018

E. Gülcan, Ö.Y. Gülsoy, Evaluation of complex copper ore sorting: Effect of optical filtering on particle recognition, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 127, 2018

H. Liu, J. Jia, N. Liu, X. Hu, X. Zhou, Effect of material feed rate on sieving performance of vibrating screen for batch mixing equipment, Powder Technology, Vol. 338, 2018

Y.N. Kyriakidis, D. Oliveira Silva, M.A. Souza Barrozo, L.G. Martins Vieira, Effect of variables related to the separation performance of a hydrocyclone with unprecedented geometric relationships, Powder Technology, Vol. 338, 2018

M. Barimani, S. Green, S. Rogak, Particulate concentration distribution in centrifugal air classifiers, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 126, 2018

J. Tian, L. Ni, T. Song, J. Olson, J. Zhao, An overview of operating parameters and conditions in hydrocyclones for enhanced separations, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 206, 2018

C.K. Jayarathna, J. Chladek, M. Balfe, B.M.E. Moldestad, L. Tokheim, Impact of solids loading and mixture composition on the classification efficiency of a novel cross-flow fluidized bed classifier, Powder Technology, Vol. 336, 2018

D. Misiulia, S. Antonyuk, A.G. Andersson, T.S. Lundström, Effects of deswirler position and its centre body shape as well as vortex finder extension downstream on cyclone performance, Powder Technology, Vol. 336, 2018

D. Vega-Garcia, P.R. Brito-Parada, J.J. Cilliers, Optimising small hydrocyclone design using 3D printing and CFD simulations, Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol. 350, 2018

D. Pérez, P. Cornejo, C. Rodríguez, F. Concha, Transition from spray to roping in hydrocyclones, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 123, 2018

J. Liow, O.A. Oakman, Performance of mini-axial hydrocyclones, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 122, 2018

C. Wang, J. Chen, L. Shen, M.M. Hoque, L. Ge, G.M. Evans, Inclusion of screening to remove fish-hook effect in the three products hydro-cyclone screen (TPHS), Minerals Engineering, Vol. 122, 2018

J. Qiao, C. Duan, H. Jiang, Y. Zhao, J. Chen, L. Huang, P. Wen, J. Wu, Research on screening mechanism and parameters optimization of equal thickness screen with variable amplitude based on DEM simulation, Powder Technology, Vol. 331, 2018

A.A. Harzanagh, E. Caner Orhan, S. Levent Ergun, Discrete element modelling of vibrating screens, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 121, 2018

L. Li, G. Li, H. Li, G. Li, D. Zhang, B. Klein, Bench-scale insight into the amenability of case barren copper ores towards XRF-based bulk sorting, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 121, 2018

S. Nadolski, M. Samuels, B. Klein, C.J.R. Hart, Evaluation of bulk and particle sensor-based sorting systems for the New Afton block caving operation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 121, 2018

P.W. Cleary, P. Wilson, M.D. Sinnott, Effect of particle cohesion on flow and separation in industrial vibrating screens, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 119, 2018

J. Chladek, C.K. Jayarathna, B.M.E. Moldestad, L. Tokheim, Fluidized bed classification of particles of different size and density, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 177, 2018

R.D. Luciano, B.L. Silva, L.M. Rosa, H.F. Meier, Multi-objective optimization of cyclone separators in series based on computational fluid dynamics, Powder Technology, Vol. 325, 2018

F. Zhou, G. Sun, Y. Zhang, H. Ci, Q. Wei, Experimental and CFD study on the effects of surface roughness on cyclone performance, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 193, 2018

N.H. Syed, J.E. Dickinson, K.P. Galvin, R. Moreno-Atanasio, Continuous, dynamic and steady state simulation of the reflux classifier using a segregation-dispersion model, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 115, 2018

M. Sadigh, J.V. Mehrabani, Comparison of hydrocyclone and flotation ability in reduction of kaolin ore calcite, Applied Clay Science, Vol. 151, 2018

A. Huang, K. Ito, T. Fukasawa, H. Yoshida, H. Kuo, K. Fukui, Classification performance analysis of a novel cyclone with a slit on the conical part by CFD simulation, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 190, 2018



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