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Genzhuang Li, Bern Klein, Chen He, Zengxin Yan, Chunbao Sun, Jue Kou, Development of a bulk ore sorting model for ore sortability assessment—Part II: Model validation and optimisation, Minerals Engineering, Vol.172, 2021

Feng Li, Peikun Liu, Xinghua Yang, Yuekan Zhang, Xiaoyu Li, Lanyue Jiang, Hui Wang, Wenxiu Fu, Numerical analysis on the effect of the length of arc-shaped vortex finder on the hydrocyclone’s flow field and separation performance, Minerals Engineering, Vol.172, 2021

Genzhuang Li, Bern Klein, Chunbao Sun, Jue Kou, Insight in ore grade heterogeneity and potential of bulk ore sorting application for block cave mining, Minerals Engineering, Vol.170, 2021

Duanxu Hou, Baoyu Cui, Qiang Zhao, Dezhou Wei, Zhenguo Song, Yuqing Feng, Research on the structure of the cylindrical hydrocyclone spigot to mitigate the misplacement of particles, Powder Technology, Vol. 387, 2021

Bingqiao Yang, Hai Yan, Mengyuan Zeng, Huanyu Zhu, Tiopronin as a novel copper depressant for the selective flotation separation of chalcopyrite and molybdenite, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol.266, 2021

Genzhuang Li, Bern Klein, Chunbao Sun, Jue Kou, Lab-scale error analysis on X-ray fluorecence sensing for bulk ore sorting, Minerals Engineering, Vol.164, 2021

Chi Yu, Xinwen Wang, Sanpeng Gong, Kunfeng Pang, Guofeng Zhao, Qiang Zhou, Dongdong Lin, Ningning Xu, Stability analysis of the screening process of a vibrating flip-flow screen, Minerals Engineering, Vol.163, 2021

Olumide Ogunmodimu, Indresan Govender, Aubrey Njema Mainza, Jean-Paul Franzidis, Development of a mechanistic model of granular flow on vibrating screens, Minerals Engineering, Vol.163, 2021

Zhan Zhao, Mingzhi Jin, Fang Qin, Simon X. Yang, A novel neural network approach to modeling particles distribution on vibrating screen, Powder Technology, Vol. 382, 2021



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