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Zhixian Xiao, André R. Laplante, Yue Hua Tan, James A. Finch, Characterizing the behaviour of platinum group minerals in a grinding circuit, Minerals Engineering, Vol.166, 2021

Enoque Mathe, Constanza Cruz, Freddy A. Lucay, Edelmira D. Gálvez, Luis A. Cisternas, Development of a grinding model based on flotation performance, Minerals Engineering, Vol.166, 2021

G. Pamparana, B. Klein, A methodology to predict the HPGR operational gap by using piston press tests, Minerals Engineering, Vol.166, 2021

Reza Aram, Mahmoud Abdollahy, Parviz Pourghahramani, Ahmad Khodadadi Darban, Mehdi Mohseni, Dissolution of mechanically activated sphalerite in the wet and dry milling conditions, Powder Technology, Vol. 386, 2021

Changhua Xie, Huaqing Ma, Tao Song, Yongzhi Zhao, DEM investigation of SAG mill with spherical grinding media and non-spherical ore based on polyhedron-sphere contact model, Powder Technology, Vol. 386, 2021

Rikio Soda, Shingo Ishihara, Kizuku Kushimoto, Junya Kano, Kimihiro Ozaki, Single-particle crush test for ultrafine particles and direct numerical simulation of fracture process, Powder Technology, Vol. 384, 2021

Zeren Chen, Guoqiang Wang, Duomei Xue, Da Cui, Simulation and optimization of crushing chamber of gyratory crusher based on the DEM and GA, Powder Technology, Vol. 384, 2021

Vladimir Nikolic, Milan Trumic, A new approach to the calculation of bond work index for finer samples, Minerals Engineering, Vol.165, 2021

Lirong Yang, Jiacheng Cai, A method to identify wet ball mill’s load based on CEEMDAN, RCMDE and SRNN classification, Minerals Engineering, Vol.165, 2021

Túlio M. Campos, Gilvandro Bueno, Victor A. Rodriguez, Ann-Christin Böttcher, Arno Kwade, Frederico Mayerhofer, Luís Marcelo Tavares, Relationships between particle breakage characteristics and comminution response of fine iron ore concentrates, Minerals Engineering, Vol.164, 2021

Pratama Istiadi Guntoro, Yousef Ghorbani, Mehdi Parian, Alan R. Butcher, Jukka Kuva, Jan Rosenkranz, Development and experimental validation of a texture-based 3D liberation model, Minerals Engineering, Vol.164, 2021

Paul W. Cleary, Rob D. Morrison, Geometric analysis of cone crusher liner shape: Geometric measures, methods for their calculation and linkage to crusher behaviour, Minerals Engineering, Vol.160, 2021

Binglei Li, Rongdong Deng, Fengnian Shi, Zeming He, Jiangang Ku, Weiran Zuo, Effect of feed quantity on breakage degree of ore particles subjected to high voltage pulses, Minerals Engineering, Vol.160, 2021

Tao Xu, Yang Yuan, Michael J. Heap, Guang-Lei Zhou, M.S.A. Perera, P.G. Ranjith, Microwave-assisted damage and fracturing of hard rocks and its implications for effective mineral resources recovery, Minerals Engineering, Vol.160, 2021

Ann-Christin Böttcher, Christoph Thon, Greta Fragnière, Anderson Chagas, Carsten Schilde, Arno Kwade, Rigidly-mounted roll mill as breakage tester for characterizing fine particle breakage, Powder Technology, Vol. 383, 2021

Túlio M. Campos, Gilvandro Bueno, Luís Marcelo Tavares, Modeling comminution of iron ore concentrates in industrial-scale HPGR, Powder Technology, Vol. 383, 2021

Junhui Yao, Ming Tao, Rui Zhao, Sam S. Hashemi, Yiqing Wang, Effect of microwave treatment on thermal properties and structural degradation of red sandstone in rock excavation, Minerals Engineering, Vol.162, 2021

Okay Altun, Paul Prziwara, Sandra Breitung-Faes, Arno Kwade, Impacts of process and design conditions of dry stirred milling on the shape of product size distribution, Minerals Engineering, Vol.163, 2021

Paul W. Cleary, Matt D. Sinnott, Axial pressure distribution, flow behaviour and breakage within a HPGR investigation using DEM, Minerals Engineering, Vol.163, 2021

Armando F.d.V. Rodrigues, Homero Delboni Jr, Malcolm S. Powell, Luis Marcelo Tavares, Comparing strategies for grinding itabirite iron ores in autogenous and semi-autogenous pilot-scale mills, Minerals Engineering, Vol.63, 2021

P. Prziwara, S. Thake, S. Breitung-Faes, A. Kwade, Comparison of open and closed circuit mode using a dry horizontal stirred media mill with special regard to the powder flowability and residence time distribution, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 163, 2021

Michal J. Marijnissen, Cezary Graczykowski, Jerzy Rojek, Simulation of the comminution process in a high-speed rotor mill based on the feed’s macroscopic material data, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 163, 2021

Wang Guo, Peng Gao, Zhidong Tang, Yuexin Han, Xiangzhi Meng, Effect of grinding media properties and stirrer tip speed on the grinding efficiency of a stirred mill, Powder Technology, Vol. 382, 2021

Mahesh M. Dhakate, Jyeshtharaj B. Joshi, D.V. Khakhar, Analysis of grinding in a spiral jet mill. Part 1: Batch grinding, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 231, 2021

Jianwen Yu, Yonghong Qin, Peng Gao, Yuexin Han, Yanjun Li, An innovative approach for determining the grinding media system of ball mill based on grinding kinetics and linear superposition principle, Powder Technology, Vol. 378, 2021

Fan Zhu, Jidong Zhao, Interplays between particle shape and particle breakage in confined continuous crushing of granular media, Powder Technology, Vol. 378, 2021

Wang Guo, Yuexin Han, Yanjun Li, Zhidong Tang, Impact of ball filling rate and stirrer tip speed on milling iron ore by wet stirred mill: Analysis and prediction of the particle size distribution, Powder Technology, Vol. 378, 2021

Yonghong Qin, Yuexin Han, Peng Gao, Yanjun Li, Shuai Yuan, Pre-weakening behavior of magnetite quartzite based on high-voltage pulse discharge, Minerals Engineering, Vol.160, 2021

Shihong Xu, Massimiliano Zanin, William Skinner, Susana Brito e Abreu, Surface chemistry of oxidised pyrite during grinding: EDTA extraction analysis, Minerals Engineering, Vol.160, 2021

Marko M. Hilden, Malcolm S. Powell, Mohsen Yahyaei, An improved method for grinding mill filling measurement and the estimation of load volume and mass, Minerals Engineering, Vol.160, 2021

Elizma Ford, Natasia Naude, Investigating the effect on power draw and grinding performance when adding a shell liner to a vertical fluidised stirred media mill, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 160, 2021

L. Scott, A. Borissova, A. Burns, M. Ghadiri, Influence of holdup on gas and particle flow patterns in a spiral jet mill, Powder Technology, Vol. 377, 2021

Avi Uzi, Avi Levy, Energy absorption in particle breakage under impact load, Powder Technology, Vol. 377, 2021

Luís Marcelo Tavares, Anderson S. das Chagas, A stochastic particle replacement strategy for simulating breakage in DEM, Powder Technology, Vol. 377, 2021



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